Sunday, May 04, 2008

Forest Floor Socks

These will be my May socks for SAM5 kal. M said colours reminded him of the forest floor so it seemed like a good name. The yarn is homespun, as previously mentioned, I won the fibre on a blog spot contest here - Jo is a wonderful fibre artist, I hope I have done her proud with my efforts to make sock yarn and socks from her work.
The yarn is a Superwash BFL knitted into a basket weave pattern that I made up as I went along using a SR heel on 3mm dpns.

I have about 40g grams left from the 100g fibre that I spun - so either will end up as fingerless mitts or used as cuff/heel/toes on another pair of socks.

***best laid plans*** so much for a relaxed weekend of outings and chilling! Never factored into the equation a blocked main drain and 7m of roding and about 4 hours of work for M to clear it! Never factored into the equation a missing cat at 1.00am - Conkers the house cat who is fascinated yet terrified of outdoors, jumped out of J's bedroom window Friday night - we spent hours looking for him - he did come home - very frightened but all in one piece. Never factored that the same night Loobles would have one of her dementia turns and be up wandering and moaning all night or that she'd wake the puppy who would poop then vomit in turns. Never factored sitting up at 4.00am on Saturday morning drinking tea cos 3 hours sleep is plenty!! Never factored my perennial rhinitis flaring up big style after years of being under control and making me feel so dizzy and light laid plans!

Tomorrow we will all feel more awake, less tired and it will be a good day.


Dave said...

Those socks are gorgeous ... what wonderful colours!!

Joanna said...

They are absolutely fabulous, you've done me more than proud mydear, Forest Floor is a fabulous name, and the colours are brilliant!

DeltaDawn said...

My god what a night! Glad Conkers is back, and your socks are just lovely! There's a super special satisfaction in knitting with your own handspun, isn't there?

adrienne said...

Your socks are gorgeous, and the yarn looks amazing too!