Tuesday, August 31, 2004

First Blogg Post

So here I am, just created this blog - a blog virgin so to speak. I should be sitting at my other desk writing a 3000 word literature review - but no, whilst browsing in the coffee room at Knitty I found a thread on creating a blog - I just had to try it.
In fact Knitty is to blame for all sorts of study delaying tatics - if it wasn't for everyone discussing sock making I would have never given it a go and spent all those study hours knitting my first (very groovy) - stripy pair. Bliss, now I'm a socktastic sock knitting addict. I cast on for my 2nd pair last night - half way through the rib. See, more study evasion tactics!
What else can distract me? Patchwork, crochet, a good book, a good CD, a naughty little spotty dog who needs to play ball, a big black n white moggy who needs more food, a little boy who needs one more story and a cuddle and of course my best-beloved who says hold the story, just give me a hug. All of these stop me from studying. I do encourage this - procrastination rocks!

Anyway, better go and write a bit more- did manage 1500 words this morning, so I'm half way there.