Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Of webs and wool.

On the FO front this is Branching Out from Knitty and a hat of my own design in Louisa Harding Kimono Angora. I really enjoyed making these and have stored them away for the autumn. I also finished my Little Shell (lace) socks from the pattern by Judy Sumner - I can't get a good picture of them though. I've also been knitting some tessellated fish (scuse spelling - brain fatigue). And my own design wrap is growing. That's the wool dealt with.

Now of webs. Phido made his sperm web last night (so soon after moulting - he took us by surprise). This means he is ready to breed - which means he is at the end of his life span. We don't know how long it will be - Fluffy lasted months, but he didn't really eat or anything just roamed around his tank in endless circles looking for a lady spider. We are trying to find someone who has a B.Smithi lady ready to mate for Phido so his genes live on...keeping our fingers crossed on this. The sex of any immature spider you buy is such a lottery as unless you get a clear indication in the skin sheds until they are mature it's a hit and miss business. Anyone who claims to be able to sex a spider without its moult whilst it's a sub-adult ...well I can't say it..poohey.

Other stuff. We are on hols for part of next week. M is off work and call from Friday pm until Thurs next week........wheeeeeeeeeeee! I have managed to fit a weeks study into 2 days and am trying to complete 90% of next weeks by Friday. That's why I have brain fatigue.

So now I'm off to rest my poor aching noddle.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Norman the Gnome

Ladies, gents and peeps may I introduce Norman the Gnomie who has just flown in from Canada. He is here to recuperate following a serious accident in his Yoga class, which has resulted in his arms bending the wrong way. He also must be in desperate need of the loo as his legs are permanently crossed. That hasn't stopped him getting a twinkle in his eyes when he saw the Blythes on the shelf next to him. I'm a bit worried there as I'm sure I saw one of them with a copy of Snow White the other day and Normans future may hold some time in a diamond mine, wielding an axe and impersonating a dwarf...who can tell?
I will hide the port tonight as I have a feeling that he may have a drink problem and the girlies are always up for a party and I do feel that with his injuries being a Blythes sex slave may be a tad too much for the old chap - a move to dragon plant may be in order. We shall see. He might like being a young things fancy...........

SP 6

From a previous post 'Not a happy bunny' I mentioned that my replacement SP rocked and she (?) does (I have no idea of anything about them except they're from Canada). This morning has been good I received an e-mail from Deb (Yarner - from SP5) her e-mails always cheer me up, she is such a good person. Then Plod the postie actually delivered mail on a Saturday *gasp* and for me - a parcel full of goodies and delights. Knitting/sewing notions, a Gnome (separate post), Burt Bees hand care, another handcare lotion which I've already tried and is sublime, a bag light for keys and a badge from where she comes from. So a BIG-UP and a "Thank you" to my wonderful replacement SP.

Also thanks to all of you who left such nice comments on my grumpy post - that you cared did help me to feel better, ((((hugs))))) to you all!

Phido - post moult

As you can see Phido (Fifi that was) has the most beautiful colouring since his moult. He almost glows. We are sad he is male as it means a much shorter lifespan and really once he makes his sperm web he won't be with us for much longer. We are hoping to find someone who will want to use him to breed with as he really is a lovely specimen.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Not a happy bunny.

Just not. No particular reason (that I wish to share) just very grumpy. SP6 *humph* I have a new SP who is just grand but my previous SP who I worked out her identity dissed me on her blog because she shat on me - but I got the frickin blame - well that just pee'd me right off. It was unjustified and unfair. The girl I'm sending to is VERY quiet - I've sortof given up emailing her and being friendly cos she replies with just one line if she replies at all. She didn't post to the SP thread or her blog about parcel 2 (which in my opinion was a stonking one) and if I hadn't chased her she might have never told me she'd got it at all. So parcel 3 is all bought - just need to pack it and send it and then I am done with SPing for a while. This round has been my first not so good and I haven't enjoyed it as I've felt very left out, so no sp's for now.

Life is just a bit humdrum. I am swamped in study and other stuff and my get up and go has well and truly got up and gone. My agoraphobia is terrible and I am hiding away from the world. Mind you, did take J and some cousins to Drusillas (local small animal zoo) yesterday - am knackered today but they loved it and we stayed much longer than intended.

Have designed a wrap pattern which is being made up - I am very happy with it and will put up pictures once it's completed. Apart from that I knitted up some Angora into a hat (own design) and Branching Out (Knitty pattern) over the Easter - very pleased with both. Not yet photographed - just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Fifi - is now Phido (quick sex change) last moult showed she is a he. Dolly moulted too but it's still too soon to tell which sex. Humbug has grown and is now in a proper tank - so spiders all good.

Loobles it gorging herself on catfood at every sneaky chance.

Connor is a mad kitty.

J is obnoxious (really, really gobby).

M is a sweetie who is putting up with an oooober grumpy me. He bought me some very sweet Easter gifties to cheer me up and I publicly announce that "He is wonderful and I adore him!"

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Just Another Night at the Seaside - by Murray Lachlan Young

It was just another night at the seaside.
The tide had come in and the sun had gone down
the shutters were up, the blank day had been drowned.
There was flickering light from the piers sad remains
a charred amd smoking skeletal mounument
hissing salute to the arsonist's flames.
And the youth were about their youthful business
of tranquilized vandalism, Temazepam sex,
some on the brown going down on the ground,
drowning with joy in a fluidless vortex,
of casual car theft and chemical stargazing.
The youth, I would say, were just doing their job.
Some would call it low art, others plainly degrading.

For it was just another night at the seaside.
Just another shrill moped on the prom, prom, prom.
Just another chilled posse of corned-beef-legged girls
begging for action - and it all smelt so strong.

For it was just another night at the seaside.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Just a quickie

Look what bunny made me.

My lastest FO (finished a few days ago) made in Jo Sharp cotton (it's much more a maroon colour then in the picture) from RYC Classicart Book 10. It's a brilliant fit and I am very happy with it.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Glittery sock swap.

Look at the sox that Glittrgirl made me - official knitted terrorist footwear.

In chat we discovered we have the same size feet, so decided to knit each other a pair of socks to see if they'd fit. No-one has ever knitted me socks before.

They fit and are lovely and cosy for my tosies.

The socks I made for Glittrgirl are on her blog @
I know there are better/posher ways to link but the luddite in me has never worked it out - ok.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

A little addition

So fed up with Hello giving me jip today - that have added other Flash your Stash piccies to Flickr - there is now a do-hickey in the sidebar. Please feel free to peruse ;0)


If I'm honest this is a partial flash! I just couldn't be asked to get all the old wool (petroyarn etc) from the far depths of the hall cupboard. What is scary is at least 50% of this came from behind the sofa!
I have other piccies and some of Ma's stash - but am having computer problems today. So I'll try again later to 'flash' some more.


Here is the central chaos of my stash.