Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rosie Red Encore

2 in 1 day - gosh! Look what my darlin M bought to cheer me up. A new Blythe! The post title is her given name - but I don't like Rosie (know too many pets with that name) but her clothes are monogrammed with a diamonte R - so we need an R name.......stumped.....any suggestions?

My grumps have been getting worse. I know I have PMT as well but honestly. No family members remain with their heads intact. I am trying hard to shake it off but honestly again the slightest thing and I blow. My painful back does not help.

Anyway enough grouching. J has had a fabbo day. Lunch at his fav restaurant. Loads of pressies - with a dash of Dr Who stuff. Money to spend in the Lego shop. Time to trash his room and build said Lego - the guy who owns the shop where I buy my Blythes even gave him a little Lego kit (so kind). We are going to have a traditional stylie birthday tea and cut the Dalek cake.

As an extra birthday treat we have booked to go away camping this weekend in Bath as J loves it there (so do I). So something to look forward to. I will revisit the lock of doom *shudders* very scary - but that's another story (I'll take/post a piccie - it's the deepest lock in the UK). The site has the best rating in the AA guide and the online reviews are glowing. So here's hoping I come back recharged and a damn sight more jolly.

Happy Birthday Bratling!

Nine years old and full of fun. All squidgy like a currant bun!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Elastic bands, pricked balloons and depression.

I awoke this morning and realised all is not well. I feel like and overstretched elastic bank that is about to snap - bigtime. I have no idea why - there is nothing wrong. My grrrrr factor is on overload and I don't understand it at all.

I hurt my back after camping and have been in agony all week - I feel like I have all the energy of a deflated balloon.

I could place my face in my hands and weep.

And I don't know why.

It's been years since I suffered with this kind of depression. The last time was when my Dad died. Is not good.

I intend to spend this weekend quietly - chillin (huh chance would be a fine thing). J winds M up all weekend. It's like "Oh Dads home - I'll be a mouthy little arsehole for 2 days." M gets angry and they bicker. I feel for M - he works all week, he's stressed sometimes and J knows what buttons to press to get a reaction. I'm caught in the middle. I understand that J wants attention and M does give it - they just set sparks off each other. I sit there sometimes planning what to pack - as I swear one weekend I'll up sticks and spend two days in a B&B just for some peace. This may sound selfish but I need some me time.

They've gone trampolining now - so I have an hour alone (Ma is out too). So I'm off the utilise this quiet - very precious hour - when I don't have to do anything for anyone - and nobody needs me for anything. Very rare indeed.

Finally, J is 9 next week. Where has the time gone? Birthday post will follow in due course.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A mixed bag.

Here are some piccies of our day at Bodiam Castle. The kiddlets loved it, especially finding baby bats in one of the towers. The Koi are massive. I saw one see off a duck for a bit of bread, the carp capsized the duck, never seen that before. The weather was boiling and the castle interior had lots of cool places to rest while the bratlings explored. A jolly day all round.

Sadly though the campsite we went to was awful. Skanky doesn't even come close. We almost drove straight out again. We'd had good reports of it and the website looked great, relaxed, on a farm, open fires, newly done-up loos etc. It was full of permanent pitches filled with the skum of the earth (personal opinion here). Dogs roaming and shitting everywhere, kids on quad bikes and loud music playing (through a PA by the sound of things) until 3.00am....not good! So we cut out break short. Such a shame. The location and setting was nice but the loos and showers were disgusting - I wouldn't wash a rat in them!

We shall make up for it in a couple of weeks and head out again. The kids were gutted that we had to cut it short. The next place we go - we will be more careful and check it out first!

Had an ace haircut from new hairdresser today - a male hair genius. I looked well coiffed. Lots of study this week again. Anyhoo, must get back to the books.

Friday, June 16, 2006


So I'm off camping for a couple of days - nice long weekend! Weather forecast is good - hurrah.

Grandma is animal sitting and Connor (Conkers McBonkers to his close friends) decided to help organise the church flowers - that she was storing in her bath (??!!?? - strange women). He loves plants, grasses and flowers and considers himself an expert. I was a bit concerned about the Floxgloves but he ignored them.

Loobles hates the suitcase and is sulking in her pit. The spiders are fed and ignorant of whether we are here or not. The guinea pig is nibbling grass and squeaking and the sticks - are exsisting in their own wibbley wobbley world.

I've packed all but the food. Plenty of yarn and red wine, lifes little essentials ;0)

So, see you after the weekend. Be good. Enjoy Conkers and the flowers. xx

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Torvesta revisited.

A while ago I made a Torvesta bag (Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton - 2nd Noro book) I love that bag and use it everyday. Sadly it's getting a bit sorry looking and worn. So, I made myself a new one. This time I used Debbie Bliss Maya (took 3 and a bit skeins). I'm very pleased with it.

I've finished other stuff and have put piccies on my Flickr - thingy (see bottom of blog - if you want a look) this includes a Stuffie (Ysolda's pattern), a longest swatch - coutesy of Wendy B at The Garter Belt and you guessed...........sockies.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


I am here but I'm just very distracted by life right now. I feel out of focus with so many things and time is eluding me. Physically I've a bit off the mustard and feel tired and drained - just a phase. I need to spend some time taking stock of what I want etc and to also chill as my grumpy chip has been on overload for the last couple of weeks.

Some knitting time might be nice - though I've finished two pairs of socks, including my jaywalkers - at last. But that's about it. Most things I cast on, knit a bit, decide it's not what I want and frog it. A knitting slump no less.