Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The completed crochet jacket - I made actual size 38" bust (my tension was spot on) - it is HUGE - I kid you not I can me and M in it!!! Posted by Hello

Detail of a crochet jacket, completed yesterday. It only took 2 years approx - so no crochet now for a very, very, very, very, very longtime - you get my drift? Posted by Hello

Monday, May 30, 2005

I never model my own stuff - so here is alien catboy on the catwalk. The scarf is from yarn sent in SP3 by the delicious Yorkie (the Gal not the chocolate bar!). Beautiful colours - but a nightmare to knit/crochet up - I tried both. Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Pictures galore.

I love taking and posting pictures - so below I've added a few new ones.

The dalek picture was inspired by a family of home-ed friends. Their son L made an uber cool Dalek so J decided he wanted to post his creations so L could see them. The smaller one which is a 'special weapons gunner Dalek' was a totally solo effort created yesterday afternoon.

The spider piccies have been taken in the last couple of days by M - the warmer weather is encouraging both of them to come out more. How long before M comes home with another one?

Finally, had to post a picture of Snuffles(?) or the Hon. G.P. Isn't he cute? He's still very hand shy - he likes to be held and stroked and he settles ok - but he does NOT appreciated being stroked in his hutch. Time I'm sure will improve that.

Look the better weather must be here - cos Fifi has come out to play. Posted by Hello

Boris enjoying a cricket lunch - hahaha!! (The liquid on the webb could be venom or it could be cricket inwards - not sure *shrug* Posted by Hello

A proud creator of two Daleks. Posted by Hello

Welcome to the family Snuffles(?) Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


it's pissing with rain and blowing a hooligan - well what do you expect in May? It's also bloomin cold - but I have been told by the guru grapevine that this bank holiday weekend will be hot and sunny. Now two things strike me about that 1) Brighton will be packed with sad-sack day trippers and 2) It's funnier when it's packed out on a bank holiday and it's crap weather - hahahaha.
I find peoples weather obsessions really funny - I love the fact that as soon as I walk into a local shop someone will mention the type of weather we are having ,then they analyse it and finally they predict the weather over the next few days. I swear I have to fight to keep a straight face!
It is only the fact that it's raining that I have to time and inclination to post here today - if it was dry you wouldn't see me here for quids.

I'm reading a really interesting book called My Life in Orange by Tim Guest about his childhood growing up in a (religious?) commune. Fascinating stuff. There are parts of it that link to a lot of home education issues and questions especially about limiting children's learning. It's also interesting reading it from a parenting perspective - it is refreshing to see that not every parent believes that over-mothering and mothering via material possessions is the only way. On the other hand it can too far the other way and become neglectful. Take from the book what you will - it's good to read of a childhood so different from my own and from J's.

Other stuff,

Some people are so cool. I was offered a gift of kindness from a home-educating family this week. It was just a call to see how I was. But it shows that there are people who still care and understand how debilitating agoraphobia can be. Cheers guys - you rock!

Ali (Faerynuff) posted piccies of her new guinea pigs - I showed Jakob. Doh. Guess what happened next? (No prizes). Mike came home with a self coloured little pinnie gig - currently called Snuffles (this name is subject to change - as I keep referring to him as Bubbles, Snuggles and Truffle - why can't the name Snuffles stick in my head? But it's better than Igor which was Mikes suggestion!) Anyway, this new pet actually replaces Fudge the rabbit who passed away a little while ago. I had said "no more small animals" but J really missed his bunny - so a piggle was a compromise. He is very cute by the way.

Very little on the knitting front as I have been busy with loads of other stuff - including weaving and crochet - just for a change. I don't why I've been so busy but there you go....perhaps I making up for all the time I normally spend studying mmmm?

We also booked to go away for a couple of days in June. This is instead of a birthday party for J, though we'll probably still do something on the day. We are going to Chester .... why Chester I hear you cry? Well it's like this. I am obsessed with Komodo Dragons (an obsession I passed on to my son) and Chester Zoo has a 12ft male one ----- I never thought I get to see a live one. I can't wait, it's so exciting.....what you think me strange and a little sad? Well poo to you. But seriously, the zoo looks amazing, we're booked into a really cool hotel and the break will be an adventure for Jakob. So we are doing a family *happy dance*.

Also on the subject of boy birthdays - how much Dr Who and Dalek stuff can one kid want/need? Mind you he likes look of the books - so anything that encourages his reading is good. Not that he needs much encouragement to read - I can't keep up with him, first person I've ever known who outreads me. At this minute he is reading Spike Milligan and giggling the whole time - that's it I can't resist - budge over son lets read Sir Nobonk.............

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A plethora of postcards! Posted by Hello

Here is the lastest construction - it's a base with a bomb disposal arm. It's a top secret H.Q designed by J - it had lots of secrets and booby traps - so I am informed. Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 12, 2005

BIG scary decision!

Well I did it - made the big scary decision - and now it's a done deal - *gulp*

I quit my last degree course today - phew! I couldn't stand another second of postcolonial theory, marxist theory, feminist theory or psychoanalytical theory either. It was doing my nut!

So, what now? Well I have a straight ordinary BA and the university has said that as I only need 60 credits to have an ordinary Hons degree that if in a year or so I want to come back I can convert my straight dull BA to a slightly more glam BA Hons by doing 1 more course of my choice at level 3.

You cannot know the relief I am feeling. It was not an easy step as I have spent 6 years on this, but you can only hit your head on a brick wall for so long before you burst your brain, and that is what I have been feeling for the last couple of months.

So now I can put more time into home educating J - which has always had to fit around my study schedule and for the 1st time in 6 years I can spend the summer with my family, not hunched over text books, revising or writing long and tedious essays. That sounds soooooo good.

I can't wait to wake up tomorrow morning without that dread in my belly that I have a child to educate, a home to run and a 2000 word (god awful) essay to churn out. I will be able to stretch, relax and fit stuff in as it comes. Truly a liberating sensation.

Other - stuff.

I did refelt my fuzzy feet - as suggested by the wise sages on the Knittyboard and now they fit a dream.

Nicole from the board sent me the most glorious Cascade 220 - in return for some stuff I sent across the pond. She chose a lovely autumnal palette - I'm still swooning and plotting what it will become.

I hate double seed/moss stitch - it is an invention of pure evil.

I'm going to Ali (Faerynuffs) party - *happy dance* - I am so looking forward to seeing her and meeting her hubby and girls.

And instead of hitting the books this afternoon - as all other stuff is done - I think I might indulge myself with a nice long walk for the dog and a little knitting - shucks ain't life tough - hahahahahahaha.

Monday, May 09, 2005

I decided to change my hair colour - that's what a boring weekend does to you! I like it though ;0) Posted by Hello

After felting - there is still some stitch definition and they are a tad too big for me - I may well re-felt them but they sure are cosy! Posted by Hello

Before felting! Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 08, 2005


It's Sunday, I'm fed up. I'm fed up and it's Sunday - what more can I say?

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Here are my little ankle socks made from my koolaid yarn - because the colours remind of strawberries, I call them my strawberry bobble socks. Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 01, 2005


Anyone (if there is anyone) who reads my blog regularly will know that my blog is a personal journal and that I'm not a crusader or a political animal. There are things I feel very strongly about, I campaign for the NSPCC and I am an advocate of children's rights - but they are in another part of my life. But I'm about to be a little political and use bad language, so if you are of a sensitive disposition please .... move on.

I am so fed with this poxy general election - like you would not believe. I hate politicians and I hate their campaigners even more. Why does the fact that I can and do vote mean that some knob can knock on my door and question me? Why do they even have the right to ask me what I voted last time and what I'll vote this time? That is totally between me, my conscience and the ballot box. And this happens not just once but 3 times! Then these campaigners have the audacity to look miffed cos I won't tell them.....bollocks! I know things like this effect the statistics and the opinion polls - but I don't follow them anyway as I like to make a personal informed choice when I vote and not follow the flock. So I am now ruminating on a 101 ways to tell people like these to fuck off (politely of course). This is such personal stuff they might as well ask me how often I get down and dirty with hubby! I know it's a free country and they have the right to do this but they must also respect my right not to put posters in my windows and not to tell them anything other than to 'sod off'!'

Ok that's better - I just needed to have a little rant....normal service will resume shortly.