Tuesday, May 24, 2005


it's pissing with rain and blowing a hooligan - well what do you expect in May? It's also bloomin cold - but I have been told by the guru grapevine that this bank holiday weekend will be hot and sunny. Now two things strike me about that 1) Brighton will be packed with sad-sack day trippers and 2) It's funnier when it's packed out on a bank holiday and it's crap weather - hahahaha.
I find peoples weather obsessions really funny - I love the fact that as soon as I walk into a local shop someone will mention the type of weather we are having ,then they analyse it and finally they predict the weather over the next few days. I swear I have to fight to keep a straight face!
It is only the fact that it's raining that I have to time and inclination to post here today - if it was dry you wouldn't see me here for quids.

I'm reading a really interesting book called My Life in Orange by Tim Guest about his childhood growing up in a (religious?) commune. Fascinating stuff. There are parts of it that link to a lot of home education issues and questions especially about limiting children's learning. It's also interesting reading it from a parenting perspective - it is refreshing to see that not every parent believes that over-mothering and mothering via material possessions is the only way. On the other hand it can too far the other way and become neglectful. Take from the book what you will - it's good to read of a childhood so different from my own and from J's.

Other stuff,

Some people are so cool. I was offered a gift of kindness from a home-educating family this week. It was just a call to see how I was. But it shows that there are people who still care and understand how debilitating agoraphobia can be. Cheers guys - you rock!

Ali (Faerynuff) posted piccies of her new guinea pigs - I showed Jakob. Doh. Guess what happened next? (No prizes). Mike came home with a self coloured little pinnie gig - currently called Snuffles (this name is subject to change - as I keep referring to him as Bubbles, Snuggles and Truffle - why can't the name Snuffles stick in my head? But it's better than Igor which was Mikes suggestion!) Anyway, this new pet actually replaces Fudge the rabbit who passed away a little while ago. I had said "no more small animals" but J really missed his bunny - so a piggle was a compromise. He is very cute by the way.

Very little on the knitting front as I have been busy with loads of other stuff - including weaving and crochet - just for a change. I don't why I've been so busy but there you go....perhaps I making up for all the time I normally spend studying mmmm?

We also booked to go away for a couple of days in June. This is instead of a birthday party for J, though we'll probably still do something on the day. We are going to Chester .... why Chester I hear you cry? Well it's like this. I am obsessed with Komodo Dragons (an obsession I passed on to my son) and Chester Zoo has a 12ft male one ----- I never thought I get to see a live one. I can't wait, it's so exciting.....what you think me strange and a little sad? Well poo to you. But seriously, the zoo looks amazing, we're booked into a really cool hotel and the break will be an adventure for Jakob. So we are doing a family *happy dance*.

Also on the subject of boy birthdays - how much Dr Who and Dalek stuff can one kid want/need? Mind you he likes look of the books - so anything that encourages his reading is good. Not that he needs much encouragement to read - I can't keep up with him, first person I've ever known who outreads me. At this minute he is reading Spike Milligan and giggling the whole time - that's it I can't resist - budge over son lets read Sir Nobonk.............


Mtwelovett said...

...well you live in a place that holiday makers flock to, why not go someplace else for a vacation? Going for a Zoo is a great reason to go. Robert and I often stop at Zoos and Aquariums when we travel. AND in going to see the dragon, you already have your destination chosen. :) I hope you have a wonderful trip.


Dani said...

Hi Peri *waves*,

Take lots of pics of the dragon and show us when you get back, won't you?

We made a dalek today - see our blog later for a photo...

Skitten said...

Pinnie Gigs are brilliant creatures. I had three when I was a teenager and loved 'em to bits.