Saturday, June 21, 2014


I have decluttered my bits of our bedroom and got a place for my favourite Anthony Trollope books (along with a couple of other authors) and my elephants. I love collecting this little old books, with their thin pages and small print. They fill me with the happy. They are a joy to read too.

I purchased 3 large storage boxes today and 90% of the bear collection and my Blythes have been stored away now in two of them. The other one helped me organise my over flowing yarn/fibre stash. It so needed doing.

Two posts in one day....I am spoiling you all (lol) with my waffling - but the declutter felt like such a relief.

Blonde again....well kind of

Hated the grey with dark bits - so now dark bits are a pearly honey blonde. Much happier with that. I didn't like the Badger look at all.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Time flies

Just realised that in a couple of months time this little blog will be 10 years old. Where did that go?
J was just 7 when I started, he's 17 later this month, he shaves, has a very deep voice and very hairy legs and is taller than me. Lou-Lou, Buster and Petley were still with us and Conkers, Lottie and Fergus have joined us - along with assorted rats, a rabbit, guinea pig and spiders - some here still, most gone.

The two main constants are my love of knitting, reading and crafts and my marriage to M. They have remained  unchanged.

I have gone through weight gains and losses. Had long hair, short hair and multitude of colours. Until now I am grey and nearer 50 then 40.

We have had family losses too and health scares - mainly all M. We have home educated throughout that time and now J is preparing to embark on a life at college.

And through all of the above. I have tried to blog - with the odd break.

The question now is; do I carry on or has this little blog filled its purpose? I'm not sure of the answer yet.

Work takes up more time right now and I have less time or inclination to knit etc - often just too damn tired. I am going to mull it over for now. Will continue to post until we reach the actual anniversary, may even do a give away. But is there anyone to give away to? Not even sure if anyone even reads blogs anymore?

So my last question - to help me mull it over......Is there anybody out there?

Friday, June 06, 2014

I love my view

I took this out of my lounge window this morning, before 9am. For the first time this week I was at home (working) but home. It has been a frantic week, busy at work, busy at home and gearing up for J's last IGCSE today -it went well, I am informed.

It was nice this morning to stand with my coffee and just look out of the window. Everyone was out, the dogs were asleep, and all I could hear was bird song and the wind rustling the leaves. It was one of those moments. I took a break from what I was doing and just stood. Lovely.

I never get bored with the view. It entertains me all year round as the seasons change. I love watching the ships on the horizon  line, the white sails of yachts closer to shore. I revel in the life cycle  of the trees that abound in local gardens and the lives of the birds that inhabit them. I watch  the horses on the downs loose their coloured coats as spring progresses and most of all I enjoy the vastness of the sky and its changing moods. I love the warmer blues of summer, the cold ones of winter, I even like the blankets of sea mist and fog. Our view is a daily blessing and one I never take for granted.