Friday, May 31, 2013

Bad Dobby-blogger.

No excuses. No nothing really. Just that life is puttering quietly away and I just don't have the time or inclination to write my blog as much - meh.

I will play a little bit of catch up now;

Crafts and knitting - well I am knitting but my mojo is a bit lacking. I am distracted by other things all the time and have no sticking power at the moment. On the needles are plain sock for M, a cardi for me (which is close to being finished) and that is it. Though I am planning a lace project start up later today (if I get around to it). I have one crochet project which is half way done and no sewing or weaving. I have been doing a little spinning over the last week - finally - it has taken so long for my toe to stop hurting when I spin, after breaking it last autumn.

I have been painting and drawing again and also writing, but only bits of flash fiction really.

Family - we are good. J is in the middle of exams, M is working and potting. Pets are adorable. I am my normal grumpy slightly acerbic self. Got real sinus issues and a painful hip but nothing you die of.

The only other thing is reading etc. So catch on books too.

Audio Books;
Anthony Trollope - He Knew He was Right, Rachel Ray, Miss Mackenzie and the The Warden.

All free librivox ones. All enjoyable. The only one I hadn't read was Miss Mackenzie and I really enjoyed finding a new favourite Trollope after all the these years.

Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice - Librivox

I had to. It is this books bicentennial, so it had to be done.

Stephanie Meyer - Twilight - audible.

I had never tried on these as an audio book. I wanted a break from Trollope but nothing to tax my brain and that is what it was. Good reading.


Charlane Harris - Dead Ever After - Sookie Stackhouse
Format - Kindle

Last ever book in this series I had to read it to find out if I was right about who Sookie would end up with. No spoilers but I was. I enjoyed the final book it wrapped it up nicely.

Laini Taylor - Daughter of Smoke and Bone
Format - Kindle

Loved this. Clever, different and entertaining (am reading the second one now). It is one of those fantasy/real world crossover books that works but is hard to explain It was different and didn't have me rolling my eyes like so many of this style of books does normally. Well worth a read.

L H Cosway - Tegan's Blood
Format - Kindle

Didn't think I was going to like this (more vampire fiction - I am a well known addict of this type of fiction) I was wrong. Fast paced and clever. Quirky main character and for me an easy read but a page turner. I read this in an evening. Am reading the second one - started yesterday and am already 50% through it. It is keeping me guessing and entertaining me too. Nice work.

Poetry Books - Format Kindle.

I don't really take a lunch break at work - just the time to eat a packed lunch - so I can't really get into my book. I downloaded a load of free poetry books to have something good to engage my mind during these little breaks. So far I finished 'Lyrical Ballads with other poems, 1800, Vol 1' by William Wordsworth and 'Complete Tales and Poems' Edgar Allan Poe (which strangely did not include The Raven). I have really enjoyed reading both of these. I have downloaded a few others to entertain my sandwich munching minutes - all freebies. I love reading poetry but often neglect it so this is a perfect solution for me.

All caught up now. Good Dobby.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Knitted Monsters for a nursery

A non-knitting friend asked me could I please make the above for her baby son's monster themed nursery. I had previously knit them a monster hat and booties and these were so cute, that I was more than happy to help out.

It has been a labour of love, because since J has got bigger, knitted toys have not been on my list of things to knit, and TBH I have never really enjoyed the process. Toys are fiddly, time consuming and often quite dull (IMHO) to knit. But I have loved the look of Rebecca Danger's Knitted Monsters since I first saw them and had no excuse to make them - now I had one so I manned up and knit the lovely acrylic  - it still squeaks and sets my teeth on edge - and today the last one left the needles.

The two dumpy ones are book ends. The centre one is a cuddly. The red one is Snooter, the centre one is Vinny the V-man and the one left is Tegs.

I love the colours and I love the idea of a monster themed nursery. I hope they will do their job and be well loved as her son grows up.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Bookington of books

Poor little neglected bloglet. Not much reading gone on either but still I will update what I have read.
There has also been a lot of starting books and abandoning them as I don't know what I fancy reading.Mmanaged to find a good one I am reading right now, which is so nice. In fact I didn't want to get up Monday as I read with my early morning coffee, and I so wanted to read another chapter, but I was good and went in the shower instead.

The Long Bridge: Out of the Gulags by Urszula Muskus
Format - Kindle

Not my normal reading choice though I have read other books on this subject years ago, but there was something about the reviews of this book that made me want to read it. It is shocking but not written to shock, the language in almost poetical in places and sparse in others and it is that which gives this book its impact. It is like a journal story that tells the facts but with such a human face and tongue that makes it so emotive without the need for gore. The horror of this story doesn't need added shock factors at all. I highly recommend this book. It is easy to read on level and one of the hardest reads I've ever had on another. Compelling though.

Sleeping Roses by Rachelle Workman (spoilers)
Format - Kindle

Did I like this book? Kind of. Is it well written? Kind of. There are levels of cleverness about this story and then there is the sense that she ran out of time and the twisty climax feels rushed. There was also a sense of that old stuck for an ending...."then I woke up and it was all dream" (Spoiler-ish). I did read it quite quickly but a lot of the time I was mentally yelling at the heroine to "man up" and stop being so bloody dappy and wet. There was more interest in  a couple of background characters, which the author should have exploited more. Just my opinion, but it is cheap and easy reading, so it is value for money but not an author I will likely revisit.

Confucius Cat Says by P R Mason
Format - Kindle

Love this. Quick, funny and light. Wonderful. This author knows cats and I think was channelling my old cat Buster when they wrote most of this book.

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend by Jenny Colgan
Format - Kindle

Of all this authors books that I've read (see previous booky post) I liked this one the least. I read it whilst reading the first book in this post because, after two chapters of this book I needed something to nourish my literally soul. Didn't like the story, bit obvious, didn't like any of the characters....not a single one and by the end of it (which again seemed clich├ęd and rushed) I was bored. Jenny Colgan - done. Might read any news ones but won't be reading her back catalogue if this is an example of them.