Sunday, May 23, 2010

In the garden


Creative fidgets

On Friday I......

Did some spinning - on both wheels.
I knit some lace.
I knit on my sock.
I crocheted a hexagon.
I sewed some hand pieced patchwork.
I did some needlepoint/tapestry.

I also read....having another brief flirtation with Sherlock Holmes.....don't tell M.

In other words I have the fidgets. I can't settle. I'm cool with it. I really enjoyed moving from one thing to another but I don't want this to be a long term situation.

I did also do loads of boring chore stuff and stuff with J and dog stuff etc. I also managed a 15 minute snooze and and 45 minute work out.

Yesterday was almost as bad......maybe worse because as well as a repeat of the above, I also cast on a new project.

Today I will try and be still.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lou-lou Belle

Originally uploaded by loobles2002

It's been a year this weekend. Even with Lottie and Bog-bog I still miss her every day. Her yodelling bark, her Dally grin, her long face, her solid body that I used to sit on the stairs and hug and general daftness.

I don't miss the size of her turds or her farts!

Friday, May 21, 2010

A different kind of bloom

but often found in the garden. This is the newly pruned Fergustunia. It has a earthy scent and requires a good cutting back two or three times a year.

It is also often found near water and enjoys a good dredging with the hose. With careful management and lots of feed it grows into a wonderful specimin that brings much joy but little beauty to the garden. It's seed deposits are not pleasant and it is sometimes intensely disliked by Border Terriers and little black cats!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Home made biscuits.....

for the dogs! How cool is that? Full of good healthy things that doggies love.


I have never been reticent about how I view novelty yarns. My dislike of them is fairly well documented - lol.
However, ages ago someone in a SP gifted me some Colinette Giotto which has languished at the bottom of a stash bag for a few years. Whilst having a rummage for some cotton yarn I found it and realised that the colours were lovely.

I was in the mood for quick plain knitting over the weekend so it became a drop stitch scarf and guess what? Not only did I really enjoy knitting it, I love the scarf too. I love the colours and the drape, it wears well and is comfortable and versatile. I am not a convert to this type of yarn or knit by any means, but as a one off it was good.

As for the cotton? We need new dish cloths. I like to knit the odd plain dish cloth. It fills an hour with mindless yet useful and productive quick knitting...perfect for my current restlessness regarding my knitting.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010


This weekend, like time itself, just passed me by.

There were outings, there was knitting and there was socialising ....whoosh it's Monday.

Knitting needs to be photographed, maybe later today.

Happy Monday to you.

Photo courtesy of M. Lainchbury.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My boyz

Not a sight often seen. But Conks and Bog actually get on really well and have lurve for each other. Conkers rubs Fergus and lets him have sniffies and kitty sniffs him back. They are quite sweet together really.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Perched on top of pin

Even if you don't wobble, you won't win.
Doesn't matter if your precipice is big or small
One false move and you will fall.
And if your abyss is deep and far
The fall will be long and the landing will hurt.
Jarred, broken and smeared in the dirt.
Trying to balance, your whole body will ache,
Limbs will tremble, muscles shake,
Falling is easier and maybe today
I will just choose to fall, all the way.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hermione's Everyday Socks

hermione sock 003
Originally uploaded by loobles2002

I totally love this pattern by Dreams In Fiber (Erica Lueder) - it's a free one on Rav. Great little knit that produces really well fitting socks.

This is a replacement is my solo sock club.

Yarn is Lorna's Laces in Mixed Berries - I used a little over 1 skein to make these - UK size 5.

Needles - 2 x 2.75mm circs.

Next please!

A brief burst of total beauty

It nevers lasts very long, normally due to high winds, but here is our Crab Apple tree in blossom.

It is right outside the downstair sitting room window and is a wonderful mix of pinks throught to white.

One of my favourites in a spring garden. Lovely.

Big thank you to J for taking these pictures for me this morning.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Saturday morning at Stanmer woods.

Blossom everywhere. Hardly a soul about so the air was full of birdsong.

And the scent of bluebells and rain.


Awesome silhouettes against the grey sky.

A wondeful start to the day.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Start-it-us abounds!

Don't know what it is with me right now but I can't settle or find contentment with any project - which has major suckage.

I just have to wait for it to pass....lalelalela.

We did get out with the kites yesterday. T'was like riding a bike, a bit rusty to start with, then it all came flooding back. The wind wasn't clean though and was quite buffeting - on and off. But we all had fun. J flew my 4ft Flexifoil which has virtually no pull but is mega quick. He also tried out M's Scorpion (its sail is looser than mine as it's older - this makes it a bit easier to fly), M supervised him as it was pulling a lot but he seemed to like it and is eager to get out again. We've donated a very old Ripstop Peter Powel Stunt Kite to him it needs big winds but is great to learn on and is pretty indestructible.

We are planning to get out with them again maybe tonight if we can - can't wait!

Fair winds and tight lines.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Lets go fly a kite.

Many moons ago, M and I flew kites - with driven addiction. Every spare minute of every day - into the twilight hours we could be found, windswept on a hill, flying something beautiful, powerful and spectacular. My favourite kite of all time - is this.......a Flexifoil (cobra) Scorpion - though mine is a different color configuration. They are antiques now - but I still love mine. It has an 8 ft wing span and sounds like an old tractor in stronger winds but I love it.

I think when the rain blows over, hopefully after lunch, that M, J and I need to go and blow away the cobwebs on the end of some big kites. J hasn't flown much - he didn't like the pull when he was younger, now he's a strapping lad, I think he'll love it. We still have a Flexifoil Kite Buggy too, so if he gets the hang of it, I think he may like that too.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Gone crazy(ier)

About hexagons! A few years back I did quite a few patchwork classes (about 2 years of terms in total) with the wonderful Jo Franklin. She started us from scratch with patchwork hexagons using paper piecing. This week, after sorting through my fabric stash, I felt moved to go back to my patchwork roots and start a piece of fabric.

I have so many wonderful fabrics squirrelled away and loads of scraps from big projects that it just felt right to use some of them up in this basic fashion. I have no idea, yet, what the fabric I make will become but I am enjoying rediscovering the process.

The crocheted ones are growing too. With the one on the hook, I have 30 now.

What else can I do that's hexagonal? :o)


I like that quote and I can define it quite well.....

Shit is -

People who use you when times are bad and then drop you like a hot potato when times are good.

Waking up late thinking it is Sunday and then realising it is Monday.

The way you feel when you realise someone you thought was a friend is actually a complete and utter c**t.

Thinking there is a bar of chocolate in the cupboard and then finding some other bugger ate it.

Looking for something and then remembering you gave it away.

Thinking you have two bottles of wine, drinking one and then realising that you only had one.

Spending weeks working on something and then fucking it up at the last stage.

Waking up on an important day with a giant yellow and red carbuncle growing on the end of your nose.

Is realising that those around you are wasters, users and tossers and that you've let them get away with stuff you shouldn't have.

Is the dawning realisation that someone you respected never deserved that respect.

That those you thought you could rely on, and would return the help you gave them, don't give a toss.

Casting off a lace shawl and then finding you don't have enough yarn to finish the cast off.

Getting the last yoghurt out of the fridge and finding it is off.

Getting on the bus to go shopping and then finding you left the list at home.

Setting off for a run and then realising you need the loo.

Planning a day outdoors and waking up to continual rain.

Getting stuck in an unexpected traffic jam.

Is something that 'happens'.

Is needing to fart at the most inappropriate times/places.

Realising that the bill you are paying should have been paid a week ago!

Planning, due to predicted high winds, a weekend out with the kites and waking up to NO wind!

I could go on forever but I think this list gives a general idea of how I define shit.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Quoth the raven, 'Nevermore.'

A quote to introduce todays movie quote(s) - yep I really couldn't choose between these two......

'You can't be anal retentive if  you don't have an anus, my friend.'


'I'm as anatomically impaired as a Ken doll.' - a line delivered by the wonderful Alan Rickman.

and if you've never read The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe - here's a link The Raven it is a wonderful poem.