Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday morning

 Love in the mist or as it is better known around here - fuck in the fog.
 Poppies in flower.
 Poppy not in flower or unflowered.
 Bogey brows - the tidy version.
Sleek and shiny Little Bo.

Holiday so far - really good. Weathers been iffy but that doesn't really bother us. Spent a lot this week getting stuff sorted - eye tests, dog grooming, collecting clay supplies - doing things that require the car so need M at home as I am a non-driver.

Today is the first sunny and so far fine day. Fine enough for me to wear a summer skirt! J is happy planning his birthday next week, M has popped to the shops for essentials like cat food and loo roll. I've dusted and hoovered - got a bit of ironing to do. Then the rest of the day is our own - no ties, no time limits - lovely.

Got a quiet weekend planned - got some household bits I want to do (like weeding the drive, pressure washing the front of the house), Mike wants to pot and J will want to do 'his' stuff with his mates. Festival of Speed will most likely snarl up traffic for the places we had thought of going so will put holiday trips on hold till next week.

Hope your weekend is all you wish it to be.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Got me a new fella.

 He's got the most amazing blue eyes.
And a lady killer smile. He also has legs that need raspberries blown on them and chubby knees. A strong grip and a wiggly giggle that's worth a million bucks if not more.

Was J ever that little?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

To the blog cave Robin!

What has been a happening? Hmmmm not a lot really. Some knitting - well that must be a shock to everyone!
 Some gardening and some picture taking.
 Some snoozing.
And even more snoozing.

Other bits - well J's braces are off and his teeth look fab, he gets his retainer tomorrow. The dogs got attacked but are fine now - they are both booked in for an overdue shampoo and set next week - though Fergus may go for a retro spiral perm. Lottie wants them to crimp her beard - cool!

Ma bought home some virulent old people cold germs which she has been determined to share - we gave her a leper bell and have been warding her off with garlic. Sadly J succumbed and is now undergoing quarantine in his room -hostage to his X-box until I deem him safe to let out. We start a fortnights holiday (staycationing this year) next week - so neither M or I want to be holiday snot monsters! (Bet we are - or one of us will get it the first week to give to the other for the second) perhaps we need to install a snogging ban for us two!

Got a new groovy fluro watch as a surprise pressie from M - I love it.

Got loads of projects on the go - am loving them.

Reading loads.

Both M and I forgot to make bread yesterday so am planning to make cheese scones for lunch.

We've been planning our two weeks off and are really looking forward to some time to do (weather permitting) all we've planned. But then again rain is good - M can pot and I can knit etc. J's birthday falls in the second week and we are trying to get him to decide what he'd like to do......his suggestion is a PJ day eating junk food and playing on his Tit-box - can't see it happening!

Think that covers some of it - lol. Well comes to mind or lack of it right now. Time to boil my head, I mean kettle and crack on with the chores.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A little bit of discombobulation.

As you know the gruesome twosome of the terrier world got attacked by two Staffies this week on their afternoon perambulation. This has resulted in a vets trip for Bo-bo, a clippering of her back fur and antibiotics and £40 less in this months budget. The dogs are fine, over it but it has made me feel a little strange. Firstly my agoraphobia has gone into over drive - can't leave the house at the moment - I know this a knee jerk thing and it will pass but I am now very nervous about walking the dogs, even with M going with me *big, big sigh*. I know I will rationalise it and sort it out in my head and then I'll be fine but I'll feel like shit in the meantime.

I'm better now than I was this morning, when I woke up I just couldn't face the day or cope with anything, simple questions resulted in no more than a shrug. As the day has progressed my brain functions are returning though I could quite easily burst into tears at any moment. How weird that the dogs bounce back but I have to have a wallow in my neuroses for a bit. I do wish my brain could be mended and I could go back to be unafraid of the world I inhabit! *even bigger sighs*

Monday, June 06, 2011

A fanfare pleeaasseeeee!

52 books in 52 weeks - books 41 - 52.

I am going to list these in the format they were read in. This would have been nowhere as easy if audio books weren't allowed. As I have been knitting and spinning in the evening and not watching TV much at all I have got through quite a few since my last post.

Audio Books.

Book 41 - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. (Librivox read by Chip).

Ashamed to admit that all I knew of this story was the most recent Hollywood telling of it. The book bares so little resemblance to it - it is almost criminal. I loved the story and Chip told it wonderfully - he has the sort of lyrical voice that made it almost poetical. I do think that there is far more descriptive writing of the 'where' than telling of the 'how' and 'what' though.

Book 42 - Love and Friendship by Jane Austen. (Librivox read by Cori Samuel).

I have never read this before. Oh dear. You can tell the youth of the author by its content and the story telling - good thing she improved is all I can say.

Book 43 - Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen. (Librivox read by Elizabeth Klett).

One of my less favourite of JA's books normally but I had never listened to it on AB before and I found it held my attention more and Catherine annoyed me less in this format. It was very well read and the narrator made no mistakes in her English pronunciations and her American accent worked quite well in the telling. I still find that it is not a favourite though.

Book 44 - Mansfield Park - Jane Austen. (Librivox read by various).

This is another less favourite JA and same as above I had never tried it on audio book. It is better in that format but I think the multiple narrators didn't add anything. I might buy an audio copy and listen again. I still find Fanny as irritating as hell and Edmund is wet!

(Sorry bit of a JA binge in the last couple of weeks).

Book 45 - Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off. (Read by the author).

As a knitter this kind of book amuses me no end. I know some people don't like the Yarn Harlot and her books but I do. She is funny in a lovely self depreciating way, she knows her subject and the twists (lol) she puts into the telling of her knitting life are great. This book takes you through the land of knitting introducing the world of modern knitters, their jargon and their obsessions.

Kindle Book.

Book 46 - The Chosen Soul - Heather Killough-Walden.

This is much more a traditional fantasy story, though I found it in the teen/vampire bit of of Amazon. I think it was in the wrong place. It belongs more with fantasy sagas etc. You have Demons and 9 rings of Hell, you have Orks, you have Gods and you have Elves - all the components of a good fantasy read and it didn't disappoint too much - a little formulaic in places but not boring, a few nice twists with a good end that makes you want to know what happens in the next one. These books are not great literature but they are readable.

Book 47 - Finding Sky - Joss Stirling.

There are probably a 100 reasons why I shouldn't like this book but I don't care. I loved it! Corny and predictable in places, teen market based but I loved it. Could not put it down. Terrible I know but it sucked me in and I can't wait to read the next one.

Books 48 & 49 - Demon Girl/Demon Day (The Rae Wilder Novels) - Penelope Fletcher.

The opposite of the above - I should, knowing my penchant for this type of book, have loved these - fairies, vampires, shifters, witches, clerics and lots of teen(ish) angst but even with the voodoo and a zombie thrown in - they just didn't do it for me. The female main character was too needy, selfish and stupid to make me want to care - I just wanted someone to kill by the end of the 2nd book - won't be reading the rest.

Book 50 - Hard Landing (The 1st Spider Shepherd Thriller) - Stephen Leather.

Not a normal choice for me and when I started it I loved  it,a real page turner (I do like this author and have read others of his) but as the story progressed it moved in one direction really and I don't know I got a bit apathetic with it all. I still enjoyed it, but it got a little bland for me. Even the ending was a bit predictable (seem to be using that word a lot at moment - perhaps I'm jaded?)

Proper old fashioned books.

Book 51 - The Colour Purple - Alice Walker.

This has been my bedtime reading and it is an old favourite. I think it is one of the best books ever written. Every time I read it I cry. I loved the film too which is unusual when a book is such a firm favourite. I think it is one of those books that everyone should read at some time in their life. Genius.

Book 52 - Frankenstein (1818 text) - Mary Shelley.

Another firm fav and another bedtime reader - I like a proper book at bedtime that it doesn't matter if I drop it as I doze off. I first read this book in my 30's - so late to such a good story. This is the third time I've read it and it doesn't get old - my favourite section is still the part where the creature is hiding and watching at the farm my heart aches for him every time. Brilliant.

So that is it - 52 books done - I had two fails during this time so I thought I'd give them an honourable mention.

1st fail - The Girl with Dragon Tattoo - Stig Larson.

It is still on my Kindle and I will try and finish it -so many peeps have told me it is worth the effort the only problem is every time I start reading it my eyeballs dry out!

2nd fail - Trick of the Dark -  Val McDermid.

I should stay away from thrillers - I can always works out the who did what to whom and why - long before the end - this fell into that category.

I know some peeps keeping going to see how many books in total in a year, but I can't do that - I'd start competing with myself!!! I am done. It was fun.

Friday, June 03, 2011

This week....

 has included - beautiful flowers from some lovely friends.
 Such soft petals and they have a light clove scent.
 Official Destructogang member ship badges for two little terriers details here.
 Finishing Wendyknits Summer Mystery Shawlette KAL on time! All the nerdy details are on my Ravelry project page or on my FB profile.
 Visit from aforementioned lovely (flower giving friends) and their furry companions Eddie and Higgins.
And another gift for the terrible twosome from Fiona aka the mad axe lady of the fishy-noms - of some highly stinky dried fishy all the way from Norway. They love it!