Thursday, April 30, 2009


ruby 004
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You've bought your love to town.

I love this. My first big project knit totally from my own handspun merino/silk blend - took about 400g.

Pattern from 'A Fine Fleece', buttons from a rootle about in Ma's button tin. It needs a wash/blocking - but it's a great fit and a really nice pattern to knit.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I really, really blew my stack this morning. Can't remember the last time 'ole faithful' gushed forth in such anger - must have been my late teens or early twenties.

Talk about a women pushed to the brink of tolerance,

When will the testosterone war cease? Pre-pubescent skinny runt Vs dashing to work, agitated goatman. I had an overwhelming 'meat in the sandwich-make this stop NOW' moment and shouted like I have not shouted in years. I think even the 'man at the market' stopped pushing his broom and stood to attention.

It obviously needed to come out - normally I just fume and walk away but this morning - whoa out it came. Perhaps it's my middle of the month hormones kicking in or just an attack of morning grouch.

I feel better now though.

J is being very quiet - I don't he quite expected that reaction to him acting a total tit -then again nor did M for being exasperated.

Oh well.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Who can resist?

Not me.

Saturday I taught Part 1 of a beginners sock knitting workshop at a LYS - I think it went OK. Part 2 is this coming Saturday - from gusset to grafting.

Lots of knitting - but little progress to report - ditto that to the spinning.

Starting to think about our up coming holiday to Cornwall.

Listening to 'Neverwhere' on audiobook - OMG I so adore my iPod Touch.

Reading - can't remember title it's sci-fi/fantasy - tis alrightish.

Music - can't stop listening to the latest John Frusciante album 'The Empyrean'.

Cooking - a fat free apple bread,

Mood - very happy :)

Blog - all up to date.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quicksilver fibre

This afternoon as I sat spinning on the patio in the sunshine, shaded by the old Crab Apple tree, I remembered that I hadn't taken pictures of some fibre that I'd got from Jo.

The sunlight and blossom made a perfect foil for the wonderful subtleties of Jo's colours on the cashmere/merino/silk blend - isn't is beautiful?
Jo's genius can be further admired at - Limegreen Jelly on etsy -

Macro puppy/knitting

M found the super macro on J's camera and was playing about with it this morning. Hand spun Merino/Silk blend - this is the fold back and right front of my Ruby vest.

My fish scale socks - knitted in Malabrigo sock yarn, colourway Persia.

Paws for thought.

Who's got a big brown hooter then?
Off the sit in the garden now with my Ruby vest - knitting other front but may need to get spinning as I will need more yarn!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Caught in the act!

On M's clean and ironed t-shirts (serves him right for not putting them away!) on our bed!

I should coco little Miss - she didn't look at all guilty at being caught, she groaned, rolled her eyes and went back to sleep - satin bedspreads are made for little Borders apparently.

Good weekend, quiet and chilled - nice.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Handspun Ruby

I've been spinning more of the merino/silk blend I got from P & M Woolcraft at the rare breeds show at the Open Air Museum at Singleton last July. I had an idea that it would make a great vest type thingy. The problem was which one, the choice came down to three and in the end I decided on 'Ruby' from a 'Fine Fleece' by Lisa Lloyd.

It is a compulsive knit. I am really enjoying it and I love the tweedy effect of the handspun.
Everything else is fairly quiet here - not much exciting. Marmite moulted and is now a medium sized tarantula with glossy black legs and a coffee coloured carapace. He made a web mat and moulted overnight and is now back to burrowing around his tank. Dogs, cat and kidlet are all well and dandy. M and I are fine - life is just pottering on.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Haircut and stuff

A bit darker, a bit shorter and a bit more spiky.
Am spinning on the Traveller at the moment - it's like revisiting an old friend.
Plenty of socks on the needles - 3 pairs to be precise.
Reading loads.
Ticking over really, nought earth shattering.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

New bed(s)

We bought the girlies new beds - one each, identical, RSPCA approved ones. Lottie peed in hers straight away (typical bloddy terrier) then she stole Loobles bed. Loobles decided that even though her new bed had 'that nasty little dog' in it she was not kipping on the rug, so got into bed with Lottie. She shot the Funster a withering look and turned her back on her - just like she used to with Buster when they first started sharing a bed. Let's hope that this isn't just a one off and that they will soon be snuggle chums......I'm not holding my breath.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Very, very angry....

very, very hurt. Frustrated and zinging with pent up rage.

Why is it that the person who fucks me off most in the world is the one person I can't tell to go fuck themselves.

Being respectful to a parent who is a total arse, when you are an adult, just so sucks.

May her God forgive her for being such a class A, stupid bee-atch.

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The aliens have landed.....

or maybe it's just Lottie? Cross between a bat and Father Christmas I think.

Had some sad news on Friday. A member of my family has passed away. We knew it was on the cards, she was diagnosed last year as having a terminal form of cancer but it was still a shock as she died on Wednesday but we didn't find out until 2 days later - I don't know why but that felt kinda weird and I was discombobulated by it. Am ok now, sad, but ok. There are so few of my Dad's side of the family left now, I think it is that more than anything that is frying my noodle. The lady who passed though is one of those staples of childhood into adult life, that they are always there in the background. I feel for her family, she was a good Mum and a great Grandma and they are very close. So sad.

My knee cleared for a couple of days but I must of wrenched it again cos this morning it is all swollen again. I also have a sty - happy? No, not really. Getting by would be a better way to describe it.

Am off to to slather my knee is pain relief gel as I couldn't take all the good advice from myself and others, and have just done 20 mins of yoga and I now have a cold, dead feeling patch at the outer top of my right thigh - interesting.

Thursday, April 02, 2009


About 2 or 3 years ago I ripped a ligament in my right knee. Most of the time it's fine but occasionally it gives me jip. This week it got Lottie'd. She took a flying leap from the floor onto my lap and landed on my knee and then proceeded to trample about on it doing her happy doggy dance. By the following morning my knee was puffy and felt like I had put an elastic band around it. That was Tuesday morning - so I've spent the last two days attempting to rest it (though I spent most of yesterday on my feet). It is a bit better today and the swelling has decreased considerably but I miss spinning!!!! And I haven't done my yoga for two days either - single leg stances are impossible right now. I did meditate and practice my deep breathing but it's not the same as a good stretch out.

I've also not been able to walk the girlie's. I intend to go with them this evening if I manage to rest it enough today and the swelling stays down.

I think that I shall cast on for something new today and maybe that will keep me in my chair for a while, but I have realised this last couple of days that I never sit still for long - I must have ants in my pants!