Friday, January 25, 2013


So today I found out that someone from our past has passed away. Another link with our youth and my Dad gone. Hadn't seen the guy in years, J was in a pushchair last time our paths crossed, but still it makes me sad that he died so fairly young. And it makes me evaluate my life and time on this planet.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

What have you been doing Mrs?

Well Bloggie on Friday in all that awful snow I was in the car with M driving and J in his own little Ipod world heading to Wiltshire. We had a family weekend away booked at Centerparcs at Longleat (Ma was dog and kitty sitting). The journey had some rather scary points and took at least an hour and half longer than normal and Centerparcs itself was having some issues but by four pm we had unpacked and were in our cosy little villa.

Outside looked snow scene picture perfect. Inside there was a log fire and hubbly bubbly bath and we had lots of things booked and planned. There was swimming, saunas and a lovely manicure for me and J? Well J had a you can see from the pictures above and below.

We heard a couple of "Whoa Nelly" and a few "Whooohooooos" so I think he had fun.

We spent a lot of time feeding our neighbours who seemed to appreciate  the food.

We enjoyed the view.

We enjoyed this as well.

There was a lot of fun and laughter. Lots of relaxing and we a lovely time.

The snow stayed and grew a bit but the journey home was fine and dandy and involved a detour to a pottery suppliers and wool shop.

M has gone back to work today though and J has a bit of a sore throat bug and we are happy to be home. I'd rather of not had the snow to contend with but we didn't let it get in the way of trip and it was an 'experience'.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The reading continues....

Magician by Raymond E Feist (authors preferred text)
Format - kindle

I read this book in my late teens originally (I haven't read the two that follow it, though I have a faint recollection of giving up on the 2nd one) and when this came up on my Kindle I couldn't resist it. I have to say the pleasure I first felt when following the adventures of Pug and Tomas hasn't left me and the extra details given in this version really added to the story for me. I was swept up in the story from the first chapter and gave a little sigh of regret at the last one that it was done. Perhaps later this year I will get the others and see how I get on.

The Fault in our Stars by John Green
Format - kindle

Last year I read 'Paper Towns' by this author and loved it. It was different and compelling and a literally breath of fresh air. I kept meaning to read another but didn't. This one showed up as a recommendation, I wasn't sure at first when I read the reviews and saw it dealt with cancer but I had faith in the author and needed a holiday read so bought in anyway. I am so glad I did. Yes it has a storyline that includes cancer but it is so much more than that - it is sad but not maudlin. It is a very different little book and in its own way, even with the subject matter, is a refreshing read. I really must read more of this guys work because it is so nice to find a novel that really satisfies but also gives a kick to convention and subject matter.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Spring Crocus Woven Scarf.

Plain weaving on my knitters looms using up oddments of Rowan Tweed Dk. The green is the same as I used for the Leaf hat in the photo. I have enough left to make gloves or mittens at some stage.

Books so far this year....

My reading mojo is off to to a slower start this year as I ended and started the year by re-reading a load of chick lit over the holiday period. It felt like the right thing to do. I did read a couple of new ones but they were so light and fluffy that I can't be asked to post about them.

I'm not counting what I read this year. I am reading just for the pleasure of it with no goals or aims at all. I have decided to carry on posting what I read though. Partly because I enjoy doing it and also because it's a record for me to look back on.

I am reading a lot but my main book is a long one so it's taking some time to get through. I have a couple of audio and side reads to post though.....

Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman
Format - audio book

I love to listen to this book. It's narrated by the author who does the  best job of telling his own tales and poems. He has a lovely voice to listen to and the stories within the book have twists and  turns that delight and bemuse. I never tire of them. I love the American God based novella at the end revisiting the character of Shadow, it is a very clever tale that ties in characters as well from an earlier short story in the book.

Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon
Format - audio book

Another re-visit to a favourite audio version. There are aspects of this book that I have always found disturbing but I still love to this to it. This is a dramatised version and although I think the main narrators voice sounds too young for a 15 year old it is still very well done and is a joy to listen to.

The Anne Boleyn Collection by Claire Ridgeway
Format - kindle

This is a collection of essays taken from the authors website The Anne Boleyn Files. It is an interesting read but there is some repetition of material but not enough to annoy. I did learn some new information about this interesting character and the format is very easy to read and not as dry and dusty as some books I've read on the subject. It isn't a particularly long read either but as it is presented in bite sized chunks it a good read for those days when you only have a few minutes to spare. The web page is very interesting and well worth visiting too.

The Constant Princess by Philipa Gregory
Format - book

This was lent to me and I had a short time frame to read it in which might account for the fact that I struggled to get into it. I put it down for a week and  then had rush to finish it to return it on time. Although I am forever fascinated by the Tudors and Henry Viii in particular this one just didn't do for me. It was good and I enjoyed it but I didn't put it down and think - Wow what a read - in fact I put it down and give it little or no thought at all.

I have loads of books on my 'to-read' list this year and my kindle is overflowing with new downloads. Am off for a long weekend soon so hope to find some extra reading time then.

Thursday, January 03, 2013


Knit for a friend to match her hat and scarf. Made the pattern up as I went along really - to fit a small to medium hand. I used 2.5mm circs and 2.5mm glove dpns for the fingers. The yarn is Jamieson's Spindrift which I actually bought on Shetland when we visited there a few years back.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

To thine own self be true.

Dee over at the blog at her shop - Posh Yarn has a word for the year - hers is a very good word, it is 'intrepid'. I can really understand that.

I can't think of a word and I don't do resolutions (see yesterdays post) but I decided to have a phrase or a mantra for the 2013 and the favourite one is "To thine own self be true". I like this.

I quite often walk away and swallow my principles for peace or for the sake of a quiet life, and I am not looking for a fight or aggro, but I am rather fed with being the bigger person (metaphorically), and when others pride themselves on 'speaking as they find' etc, without a thought for how this impacts on others, I normally turn the other cheek. I don't with those I truly care about - like M and J - but I do with other lesser beings.

I think it is time to stop doing that now. To put what I truly think and feel out there. So I have a mantra for 2013 - I shall be true to  the real me and I shall no longer back down, turn the cheek or play the peace maker.

It feels very liberating.