Thursday, March 31, 2005

There's more.............................. Posted by Hello

Oh my..................................... Posted by Hello

Oh my......................................... Posted by Hello

Flash your stash!

Ok I have well and truly flashed my stash - mind you after taking the pictures I found a load more wool that I missed (oops!).

Didn't realise I had so much wool and some of it I've had for too long. Oh well .....
"Hi my name is Peri and I have a yarn addiction............"

A stash!!! Posted by Hello

Some stash... Posted by Hello

A bit more stash..... Posted by Hello

Half a stash. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Monday, March 28, 2005

Tovesta finished and lined as per the pattern in the book - scroll down cos I decided to modify it a bit. Posted by Hello

I added to the pattern - as I felt the bag needed a closing of some sort. Posted by Hello

My final finished version of Tovesta Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Lou-lou & Buster like to snuggle together - they're in lurve. Posted by Hello


it's Easter - and? It's just getting too commercial that's all - I am the Ebenezer Scrooge of Easter. I like the idea of making gifts, painting eggs not just down to Asda for 4 for a Fiver. It's also the social thing - why do I have to be nicer to people because it's Easter? The other thing is good weather at Easter - why do the English think you have to go out if it's nice weather? Weather is weather - if you want to go out do so and f**k the weather, the same applies if you want to stay in - doh!

There are only two good things about Easter - 1. M's home for 4 whole days (though he's on call) I love having my husband at home with us - can't understand women who moan about having their men under their feet. 2. J is so happy and excited - totally full of beans - he's funny.

Ok I know I'm a grouch - but that's who I am - if you are all happy and full of Easter Bunnyness - go read someone elses blog!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

I am such a lucky girl - and sp rocks real hard! Look at what she sent this time - some lovely thick sock yarn, some glittery yarn, Hershey's eggs and an egg painting kit - a big hoorah for a super dooper secret pal. Posted by Hello

Monday, March 21, 2005

A Spring Feast and Cress Heads

We went to J's Monday home-ed group today and the theme was Spring (boing). It was excellent, so many interesting/exciting things for the kids to try. Mainly creative but all good fun. We took cress heads to grow (in eggshells), someone else bought compost, pots and bulbs for the children to plant and bring home, they made spring baskets with little chicks, pressed flowers and the local toy library came to visit. We also had a feast - every family bought food which we all shared, we have some very good cooks in this group, one Mum bought a banana cake the like of which I have never tasted - it was like a pure banana hit on the tongue. I was so impressed I've asked her would she share the recipe!

The children all played and worked together nicely and the whole four hours had a really positive vibe. I don't always enjoy these sessions (I have a thing about bratty kids - and some of these can be and my intolerance shows) but today was one of those where it all felt good.

S.L.P boy had a brilliant time at the Superhero birthday party yesterday - one of the mum's hosting it - is his hero/heroine because she gave him a poster of The Turbo Toilet 2000 (Capt Underpants by Dave Pilkey) - this piece of treasure has been hoarded away with reverence!

A big thanks to all those on the Knitty board for encouraging me to get on with Torvesta - I have heeded their wisdom and progress is being made.

Think of poor little Buster tomorrow - off for blood tests - he's lost so much weight the vet is concerned over the muscle wastage - he is 14 and has got dirty of late - I'm worried. No food for him after 10pm today - he will drive us mad mewing tonight!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Introducing the completed S.L.P. Boy with mask - the world should quake as this is one fearsome warrior! Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Zeotropes, masks and mayhem.

So we come home from J's home-ed group with a pattern for a Zeotrope (google it!). Two very kind families had provided these with instructions which I managed to understand - it's constructed fine but I can't see that the dang bottle is running and jumping nor can J - perhaps our eyes are abnormal - the only way we haven't tried looking at it is standing on our heads - won't be a sec - amuse yourself - ..........................................nope that doesn't work either.

Anyway moving on, because J had dragged me away (protesting -not) from studying and the kitchen was covered from top to bottom in making and doing stuff - he decided that Super Lava Power Boy needed a mask - so he (HE - hahahaha) should make one. He ending up being acting design consultant - the lightening, glitter glue and colour scheme are all his - the hard slog, covered in glue and felt pen, with bits of foam stuck to everything, fell to me - oh the joy's of being a parent to a kid with a very active imagination. He did help tidy and agreed to release me back to my study, after a game of Beggar Your Neighbour (big thanks to P for teaching me!) and lunch.

Tomorrow will be spent getting stuff ready for Monday's home-ed which includes a Spring Feast - tied to the kitchen then - learning to drive the new food processor (goodbye fingers) to make a Passion Cake, along with the specific food request from S.L.P.B himself - cheese straws. This week our activity is cress heads in egg shells - bum just realised forget the bloomin cotton wool - poo. Include a trip to the shops in my planner!

I've posted a picture of a WIP to encourage me to move my arse into gear and finish it - what I need it a sticker or tattoo on my hand which says "Knit Faster You Fool!"

Here's a WIP - I don't normally post these but it's to encourage me it finish it! This is Torvesta from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton - book 2. I'm on the 1st strap. Noro Kureyon number 92. Posted by Hello

It was decided that Super Lava Power Boy needed a mask to protect his identity - here it is! Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 17, 2005

J has been designing with Lego today and we are so awestruck by the complexity of his designs we thought we'd share them. This is Toa Tarkoo. Posted by Hello

This Toa Tarkoo combined with Matoran Harcootee Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Hate & like.

Here are 10 things that I dislike or that pee me off.

1. Too much political correctness - when it goes beyond the boundaries of sensible behaviour - e.g calling a snowman a 'snowperson'.

2. The fact I've hurt my right wrist and can't knit.

3. Stoopid people - the ones who have a modicum of intelligence but are too lazy to use it.

4. Mondays!

5. Too much talking- don't get me wrong I can talk for England - I love to chat, what I hate is inane babbling - just to make a noise or talking to yourself - why?

6. Lawn mowers - especially in the summer when all day everyday that is all you can hear. Sad fucks don't they know grass is meant to grow - that's it's nature - put down paving if you don't want stuff that grows. I think secretly they like cutting grass and that is just toooooo sad.

7. People who day-dream whilst shopping in the supermarket and just leave their trolleys all over the place.

8. Staying with a supermarket theme - people who take food off the shelves and feed it to their kids before paying for it - do they pay for it? I've seen people drop empty crisp packets to the ground when their kids have finished - that is stealing - that makes my shopping more expensive. Point here, if you never give in to your kid over this, your kid won't expect it - or make sure they are fed before you go shopping. I have never done this - even when J was a toddler - he learnt to wait until we either reached the car or got home - it's not rocket science!

9. Junk mail -uggh - what a waste of trees!

10. Smugness.

Ok ranting over! Here are 10 things I like or that give me pleasure.

1. Crisp weather - winter spring or fall - bright blue sky, a brisk breeze and clean air.

2. A good book - especially if it's rainy and you have time just to sit and wallow in it.

3. A relaxing bath with candles.

4. Dirty jokes - preferably none P.C ones.

5. Lie-ins and breakfast in bed - with number 2.

6. Wine - to sit and relax with a nice glass of wine, some candles and good music or good conversation.

7. Jakob's laugh - he's very funny and always laughs at his own jokes - just like his Dad.

8. Buying wool - anything wool/knitting related really.

9. Chinese food.

10. My animals - I love having pets.

I can actually think of loads more good things - but I really struggled to think of 10 bad ones. Perhaps I'm a nicer, jollier person than I!

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Another *gulp* amazing parcel from my Sp. Full to the brim with delights. Now I can try Kool-aid -cool. The mirror she made herself - is there no end to her talents? Posted by Hello

Friday, March 11, 2005

Here's wavy - shucks I'm shy - plus didn't want to bust the camera! Posted by Hello

For those of you who have made modelling requests - finally a pose worthy of Mick Jagger! Posted by Hello

Here's wavy - knitted in Noro silk garden no's 37 & 87 (the latter is courtesy of my lovely Sp). Posted by Hello

Here is J's molecule - it's a Chlororbezene. He found this on his science cd-rom - drew it, then made it from his new toy. I trust you are all impressed - I am. Posted by Hello

This week I have.....

been mostly hiting the books. I'm torn - the stuff itself is quite interesting but the way they want you to critically analyse it is a load of cods - IMHO. I think this because you can not be objective therefore your own constructions and discourses affect how you analyse this stuff. So how can there be a right or a wrong because all are equally valid because even my tutor is influenced by her constructions , and so on and so forth - it's a brain f**K!

Lalalalalalalalalalalaladedah - went off on one there for a bit.

I've also gone back to debating whether to have another facial piercing or not. 50/50 here, it does appeal but I hate the swelling and the healing process and will it look stoopid at my age? - I don't actually care how I'm perceived by others, this is more of a self image type thingy. Oh well what the hell - I'll think about it a bit more.

I took J out to a grown up lunch this week - he was sooooo good and we had fun. It's something we will do again. We also bought a molecule toy - magnets/sticks - I'll post a picture. He had so much fun with this - so on the h.e front this week it's been a molecular week. A world away from his h.e. group topic this week - the Victorians - but you have to go where your kids interests are. We also did a science experiment - erupting a volcano - bi-carb & vinegar and have bought a crystal growing thingamabob which we'll do over the weekend - I expect.

It's also almost time to dig over my veggie patch - and start on the ole seed trays - I'm hoping that this year J will take a more active interest in the whole process - I thought I might give him his own seed tray and a collection of seeds to plant in his very own patch - he can then tend it and reap his own harvest - it will be interesting to see how this works out. I'd like an allotment but need my family to be a part of it - so it will hinge a bit on J's enthusiasm.

On the knitting front - I ordered some ggh from get knitted to make the little summer wrap cardi in Rebecca - it's a mohair mix in a very neutral minky/beige colour - that will go with everything. This will be an experiment because normally I can't wear fluffy stuff and hate knitting with it. My wavy scarf is almost complete - will post pictures once it's done. The rest is same as last post - mind you lucky find - lining for the Torvesta Bag - wool/silk mix- light weight, reduced from 9.50 a metre to 4.50 - no complaints there!!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I'd like to introduce Super Lava Power Boy. A new costume for a friends super hero birthday party. Posted by Hello