Saturday, March 19, 2005

Zeotropes, masks and mayhem.

So we come home from J's home-ed group with a pattern for a Zeotrope (google it!). Two very kind families had provided these with instructions which I managed to understand - it's constructed fine but I can't see that the dang bottle is running and jumping nor can J - perhaps our eyes are abnormal - the only way we haven't tried looking at it is standing on our heads - won't be a sec - amuse yourself - ..........................................nope that doesn't work either.

Anyway moving on, because J had dragged me away (protesting -not) from studying and the kitchen was covered from top to bottom in making and doing stuff - he decided that Super Lava Power Boy needed a mask - so he (HE - hahahaha) should make one. He ending up being acting design consultant - the lightening, glitter glue and colour scheme are all his - the hard slog, covered in glue and felt pen, with bits of foam stuck to everything, fell to me - oh the joy's of being a parent to a kid with a very active imagination. He did help tidy and agreed to release me back to my study, after a game of Beggar Your Neighbour (big thanks to P for teaching me!) and lunch.

Tomorrow will be spent getting stuff ready for Monday's home-ed which includes a Spring Feast - tied to the kitchen then - learning to drive the new food processor (goodbye fingers) to make a Passion Cake, along with the specific food request from S.L.P.B himself - cheese straws. This week our activity is cress heads in egg shells - bum just realised forget the bloomin cotton wool - poo. Include a trip to the shops in my planner!

I've posted a picture of a WIP to encourage me to move my arse into gear and finish it - what I need it a sticker or tattoo on my hand which says "Knit Faster You Fool!"

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