Monday, March 21, 2005

A Spring Feast and Cress Heads

We went to J's Monday home-ed group today and the theme was Spring (boing). It was excellent, so many interesting/exciting things for the kids to try. Mainly creative but all good fun. We took cress heads to grow (in eggshells), someone else bought compost, pots and bulbs for the children to plant and bring home, they made spring baskets with little chicks, pressed flowers and the local toy library came to visit. We also had a feast - every family bought food which we all shared, we have some very good cooks in this group, one Mum bought a banana cake the like of which I have never tasted - it was like a pure banana hit on the tongue. I was so impressed I've asked her would she share the recipe!

The children all played and worked together nicely and the whole four hours had a really positive vibe. I don't always enjoy these sessions (I have a thing about bratty kids - and some of these can be and my intolerance shows) but today was one of those where it all felt good.

S.L.P boy had a brilliant time at the Superhero birthday party yesterday - one of the mum's hosting it - is his hero/heroine because she gave him a poster of The Turbo Toilet 2000 (Capt Underpants by Dave Pilkey) - this piece of treasure has been hoarded away with reverence!

A big thanks to all those on the Knitty board for encouraging me to get on with Torvesta - I have heeded their wisdom and progress is being made.

Think of poor little Buster tomorrow - off for blood tests - he's lost so much weight the vet is concerned over the muscle wastage - he is 14 and has got dirty of late - I'm worried. No food for him after 10pm today - he will drive us mad mewing tonight!

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