Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Hate & like.

Here are 10 things that I dislike or that pee me off.

1. Too much political correctness - when it goes beyond the boundaries of sensible behaviour - e.g calling a snowman a 'snowperson'.

2. The fact I've hurt my right wrist and can't knit.

3. Stoopid people - the ones who have a modicum of intelligence but are too lazy to use it.

4. Mondays!

5. Too much talking- don't get me wrong I can talk for England - I love to chat, what I hate is inane babbling - just to make a noise or talking to yourself - why?

6. Lawn mowers - especially in the summer when all day everyday that is all you can hear. Sad fucks don't they know grass is meant to grow - that's it's nature - put down paving if you don't want stuff that grows. I think secretly they like cutting grass and that is just toooooo sad.

7. People who day-dream whilst shopping in the supermarket and just leave their trolleys all over the place.

8. Staying with a supermarket theme - people who take food off the shelves and feed it to their kids before paying for it - do they pay for it? I've seen people drop empty crisp packets to the ground when their kids have finished - that is stealing - that makes my shopping more expensive. Point here, if you never give in to your kid over this, your kid won't expect it - or make sure they are fed before you go shopping. I have never done this - even when J was a toddler - he learnt to wait until we either reached the car or got home - it's not rocket science!

9. Junk mail -uggh - what a waste of trees!

10. Smugness.

Ok ranting over! Here are 10 things I like or that give me pleasure.

1. Crisp weather - winter spring or fall - bright blue sky, a brisk breeze and clean air.

2. A good book - especially if it's rainy and you have time just to sit and wallow in it.

3. A relaxing bath with candles.

4. Dirty jokes - preferably none P.C ones.

5. Lie-ins and breakfast in bed - with number 2.

6. Wine - to sit and relax with a nice glass of wine, some candles and good music or good conversation.

7. Jakob's laugh - he's very funny and always laughs at his own jokes - just like his Dad.

8. Buying wool - anything wool/knitting related really.

9. Chinese food.

10. My animals - I love having pets.

I can actually think of loads more good things - but I really struggled to think of 10 bad ones. Perhaps I'm a nicer, jollier person than I!

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