Sunday, October 31, 2004


Happy halloween to you all (is there anybody there?)

I've not been around much lately. I've been so busy.

Finished loads of knitting though - 2 scarves, 3 beanies and a pair of mittens for a start.

J is going to a halloween party later and has decided to be a zombie werewolf - that'll challenge my face painting skills - M is going to, as a zombie gravedigger - the mind boggles. I'm hiding at home to make a spider cake for our own halloween celebratory tea tomorrow.

Once that cake is on the oven I'm going to sit back relax, knit, read or watch rubbishy tv - I should study really but nahhhh.

Monday, October 11, 2004


My brain hurts from so much reading, this years course seems to cover a huge amount of reading. I find as the subject matter is so riveting (lol) that my brain gets easily diverted. I was thinking today that if I was stranded on an island - what are the things (other than food/water/shelter etc) - that I'd like to have with me - a list of things (not human) that would help me cope, like what book or music or hobby items. I wonder if these choices reflect personality or culture. For example I'd like a good supply of Redbush Tea as I find this soothing and refreshing to drink and I'd probably rate this higher than say wine - which surprised me. I'd also like a copy of the complete works of Jane Austen or Anthony Trollope both authors I find suit all moods. Of course I'd have to have some knitting - something that takes a long time to make like a blanket and can have multiple uses....but the hard one was what music..........Well, it would have to be John Frusciante - because he also suits all moods. Finally, what luxury items for personal hygiene - soap, toothbrush and toothpaste and a hairbrush - as long as I'm clean I can cope with (almost) anything. Ok I think I've been distracted from study long enough better get my nose back onto the grindstone. S'later.........P

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Catching up....................

OK - so I've been a bit tardy re posting of late - I'm sorry but shit happens and unfortunately it's been happening to me of late. Conflict and arseholes the works.
Today has been good though - lovely weather (oh god, how english) and a day when everything just works out.

Spent part of this eveing in the Knitty chatroom - lovely people - just been checking their blogs -they all have links and cool piccies, makes mine look piss poor - oh well still learning. The other part I've spent trying to sort out conflict in JL's home-ed group. The kids get on fine-----but the bloody parents!

Why can't adults be more adult?

On the knitting front - ok socks progressing, JL's very boring basket weave scarf progressing, felted bag progessing - everything else - stagnating.

Study is going ok - very boring though - procrastination rules in the Lainch household.

Book, 1 chapter to go - so that's where I'm a heading now............goodnight

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Secret Pals & other exciting stuff....

I've got a Secret Pal and I'm someones Secret Pal and it's sooooooo exciting. I just had to go shopping yesterday (which is unusual for me - I hate crowds and Brighton sure is crowded!). I had fun though. I love sending/giving presents - I hope they like my choices, can't tell what they are though cos it's all hush-hush.

Went to a family party last night - it was OK - I'm not a big party person as even after 21 years I don't feel comfortable with ML's lot. The food and drink were scrummy though - in the words of my MIL - "it was a luverly spread!"

Have started knitting for this firm - as a try out - the yarn is good quality and the pattern is basic enough. Time is the issue here - hopefully will stand still long enough to do some today, but also have stuff for my course and stuff to do for JL's monday group - what I need is a 28 hour day, then I might (just) fit it in.

I'm quite excited about the monday group, the kids have so much fun and are so nice together, last week we did an impromptu play based on Sleeping Beauty ( our theme was castles) what was interesting was that this version had robot knights with X-ray vision that no-way were going to kiss any girlies!!! lol - JL cracks me up- he had his own little narration going on, totally seperate from the main one. His included the menu for the feast which had to have mainly biscuits - well what good feast wouldn't? We haven't got a theme this week, as we want to kids to get used to the new venue, I think some games would be fun and someone is bringing books and a parachute ? (is this for the parents - who can't take anymore?).

Anyway, that's what's been occuring..........................Px