Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My wrap.

Here is a link to the pictures of my wrap design.

I am making a variation of this in Knitpicks Andean Silk (colour pool) as a gift. I have changed the lace and dimension slightly - piccies follow when finished.

I'm back and I survived!

Here is photo-proof that I - yes me - went camping - 1st time ever!! And even though we had gale force winds and it pissed down - I did it! Not only did 'I do it' but I enjoyed it as well. We had such a good hank. The kids had a blast and didn't fight. The tent stayed put and didn't leak. I proved I can pee in a bucket (something I never thought I'd be able to do - or would admit to and be proud). I can survive without 2 showers a day (this one was a bit harder) though the showers at the site we stayed at were very private and very clean. We cooked sausages and bacon on throw-away bbq's for brekkie which tasted soooooooo good. We explored the site nature trails which were full of bluebells and so peaceful and beautiful. We got fish-n-chips from the local chippie and ate them out of the paper. We played footie and frisbee (in the rain). We got caked and I mean CAKED in mud. We built a fire and told ghost stories. We drank loads of hot tea and we had a laff - a real laff, so much so that all of us are off again in the middle of June.

I think J had so much fun with his cousins - they slept well - all the fresh air and charging around. They were enchanted by the horses who roamed the woods and would suddenly appear behind the tents, gently whickering. The grey looked like a unicorn coming out of the misty rain - he let me stroke his soft velvety nose - snorted and wandered on - a magical moment.

I did knit but not as much as I thought I would - still I was having so much fun - I didn't mind. Talking of knitting I've finished the wrap I was designing - so pleased with it. I took it camping and the 1st night was so cold I wrapped myself in its wooly warmth. I'll post piccies later.

Now it's back to the grind. I need to get ahead on my study as M has time off next week and we're having a little family break. So back to the books I go.

SP 6 Goodies.

A big thank you to Little-Hobbit-Feet my angel sp who rescued me from being flaked upon. This is her last parcel (No 3) full to the brim with goodies.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

No longer M.I.A

Tardy little blogger aren't I?

Been busy. Been away. Been studying. Been planning. Been everything but blogging. But I'm back now - kind of - we're away again soon and then again - gallivanting about.

News - well it's been so busy, much of it is a blur. But here are some highlights.

Weald and Downland Open Air Museum - Food Fayre. What can I say but "Wow!" and "Mmmm Yummy!"
It is such a great place to visit. We went with family and the kids had a total blast. From hog roast to ice cream and from woodland adventures to gi-humungous Shire horses. Oooo and a litter (is that right?) of tiny Tamworth Piglets foraging in the woods with their Mum - so sweet - straight after J had eaten hog roast - love the irony.

Fossil hunting, beachcombing and rock-pooling - wicked!

Tent purchasing *shock, horror*. After 23 years my DH has persuaded me to try camping. And I am actually really looking forward to it. We are going next week (with family - so cousins for J to play with). It's been 'a laff' already - from meeting the 'Tent Man' - who has to be seen to be believed - at the local tent shop - we've given him a catchphrase - "You wanna a toaster with that?" . Then finding a site, planning what we need to buy/take. Practice tent erecting - now that was funny - find a flat spot big enough with the minimum of dog poo - not easy!

WARNING**** Mini Rant!
As a dog owner I close my nostrils, bend over - gagging - and scoop the poop. It's not hard, it's not rocket science - it needs to be done! So why can't all dog owners just do it? It is so unfair - kids/adults need green open spaces to run/play/explore - not green open spaces dotted with big brown shits!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr. Ok rant over.

There has been load of other stuff going on - but I can't be asked to type anymore. Just take it as red - that there have been busy times filled with fun and frolics.

Not much knitting to report as all WIP's and nothing finished. Watch this space. Oh I did dye 700g of Opal sock yarn last week - scrumalicious colours (thank you Siress) - now I am planning a sock knitting bonanza when camping - perhaps that is why I'm looking forward to going, that and the fact we chose a site with 2 pubs within 400m and a fish n chip shop - sorted!