Wednesday, May 10, 2006

No longer M.I.A

Tardy little blogger aren't I?

Been busy. Been away. Been studying. Been planning. Been everything but blogging. But I'm back now - kind of - we're away again soon and then again - gallivanting about.

News - well it's been so busy, much of it is a blur. But here are some highlights.

Weald and Downland Open Air Museum - Food Fayre. What can I say but "Wow!" and "Mmmm Yummy!"
It is such a great place to visit. We went with family and the kids had a total blast. From hog roast to ice cream and from woodland adventures to gi-humungous Shire horses. Oooo and a litter (is that right?) of tiny Tamworth Piglets foraging in the woods with their Mum - so sweet - straight after J had eaten hog roast - love the irony.

Fossil hunting, beachcombing and rock-pooling - wicked!

Tent purchasing *shock, horror*. After 23 years my DH has persuaded me to try camping. And I am actually really looking forward to it. We are going next week (with family - so cousins for J to play with). It's been 'a laff' already - from meeting the 'Tent Man' - who has to be seen to be believed - at the local tent shop - we've given him a catchphrase - "You wanna a toaster with that?" . Then finding a site, planning what we need to buy/take. Practice tent erecting - now that was funny - find a flat spot big enough with the minimum of dog poo - not easy!

WARNING**** Mini Rant!
As a dog owner I close my nostrils, bend over - gagging - and scoop the poop. It's not hard, it's not rocket science - it needs to be done! So why can't all dog owners just do it? It is so unfair - kids/adults need green open spaces to run/play/explore - not green open spaces dotted with big brown shits!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr. Ok rant over.

There has been load of other stuff going on - but I can't be asked to type anymore. Just take it as red - that there have been busy times filled with fun and frolics.

Not much knitting to report as all WIP's and nothing finished. Watch this space. Oh I did dye 700g of Opal sock yarn last week - scrumalicious colours (thank you Siress) - now I am planning a sock knitting bonanza when camping - perhaps that is why I'm looking forward to going, that and the fact we chose a site with 2 pubs within 400m and a fish n chip shop - sorted!



Round our way, inconsiderate dog owners simply open the back door and let their dogs roam around all day, like a cat would, shitting all over the streets and then let them in again in the evening. It's just not right is it?

Annie said...

Thank you for your get well wishes Peri.
Are you going to this year's Big Knit In?

Sarah said...

Totally agree about the dog poo thing. I do it. I don't love it, but I do it.

The fair sounded great! Fun times!

gourdongirl said...

Camping is fun, you will enjoy it. Great for the kids, but make sure you take plenty to keep you warm at night as it can get mighty chilly out there!

I also agree with the dog poo rant.....nothing worse. I live near the beach and watch the dog owners with their kids DON'T play on the beach!