Saturday, November 26, 2005

Sp 5 - Thank you!!!!!

I received this amazing parcel from Amanda (Skip?) today as the grand finale to sp 5 on the Knittyboard. I have always loved taking part in secret pal rounds and have been so lucky with the people I have been matched with and this round was the same. I have been blessed with kindness and thoughtfulness. So thank you, secret pal. I have loved all the wonderful gifts you have sent me. I've enjoyed all the e-cards and emails we have shared and want the world to know what a fabbo sp you are.

Yarn Pr0n - Louisa Harding - Kimono Angora - yummy! Posted by Picasa

Here's Opal modelling the mini Clapotis knitted with love by my wonderful secret pal. I am so made up with this. So much tiny work and it's perfect. Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 21, 2005

For Deb.

Posted below is a vicarious weekend feed up - just for you!

Saturday - starting the weekend with a good brekkie! Posted by Picasa

Saturday dinner- chorizio with a tomato sauce and brocolli and chilli pesto served with home made oven baked maris piper chips and a fruity glass of red. Posted by Picasa

A chilly and frosty start to Sunday - about 8.00am. Posted by Picasa

Sunday lunch - home baked sundried tomato and parmesan bread with homemade green onion soup. Posted by Picasa

Sunday dinner - green salad with a lemon dressing, roast tatties and an almond and cashew nut roast. Posted by Picasa

Knitted this Posted by Picasa

and knitted this Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 20, 2005

A quick catch up.

It's been quiet - there quick enough for you!

Only joking. Just realised today that I am going through a really tough patch because as of Tuesday next, I won't have left the house for two weeks! Where does the time go? lol. M & J go out heaps, just thought I'd mention this, before people think that I'm cruel to my child and force him to stay in when I'm like this. It was a really stupid thing that set it off, a questioning of my intentions to be somewhere on a set day, it just threw me into blind panic that this person questioned me on would I be somewhere. I think that when I feel pressured (no matter how well-meaning the person is being) I retreat back to my comfort zone. Anyway, I have a bad hip, lots of pain, so resting it has probably helped. I've also had an ear infection so that has also made me a bit more antisocial as well.

I intend to leave the house tomorrow to take J to his HE group. I don't think anyone realises just how hard this is for me. To be thrust into company, with kids legging it all over the shop. I am normally a wreck by the end of it and spend the last hour or so counting the minutes until I can escape.

Now for more positive stuff.

J is learning Geometry with M and doing really well. He has also been looking at English Language stuff and appears to just understand it - like that. He's been a busy chap, full of inventions, home-made comics and just absorbing stuff like a sponge.

Knitting - well I made J fingerless mitts - he's worn them ever since, even sleeping in them. I've finished the front of his jumper and am making myself some Voodoo (Knitty pattern) wristwarmers.

5 out of 6 stick insects remain. We had a loss on Friday. J was devastated. It's too small for a funeral. We discussed Buddhist beliefs and re-incarnation, this cheered him up and he's decided to never kill another bug including flies!

M has been making amazing pottery and generally supporting me while I've been withdrawn. He is such a keeper!

Deb my Sp - has been cheering me up with regular PU's (perker-uppers) a regular smile fest has been a great help.

Plans for today - make onion soup and homemade bread with M. Listen to an Audiobook whilst finishing Voodoo - rest my hip with lots of tigerbalm, heat pad and painkillers. Make a nutloaf for dinner. Drink some red wine and have an early (ish) night.

OK - all up to date - not very exciting - sorry but perhaps the next blogg will be more jolly ;0)

Monday, November 14, 2005

Look what I found.

I've been wanting to make toe socks for ages but couldn't find a pattern. I went for a rummage in Mums patterns and look what I found. Knitted with 4ply on 2 needles - I can't wait to use up some of my sock yarn on these! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Just had to photo tonights sunset. Isn't it totally amazing. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 13, 2005


At last, a year after starting them, here are M's winter Glubbies! They got buried in my stash and I forgot about them. I found them after a stash raid on Friday. As today was Knittys All Day Knit In, I got around to finishing them.
M was in the middle of his bass practice but I rudely interrupted him and forced him to model his gloverly delights!!

Friday, November 11, 2005


Isn't this cute? It was cold and Buster curled up next to my knitting. A purring, cat dreaming ball of warm black and white, hidden face, fluff. Ahhhh how sweet. Then.....................I saw something on his paw....dirt? Nope, a nerfin great flea! Yuck!! I only Frontlined him in September, but since then he has cultivated a pet. We drowned the sucker, flea combed a totally disgruntled Buster and then we Frontlined him, all at 10.30 pm. We did the dog as well this morning. So neither of my babies are talking to me at moment. I spent all night itching. I know animal fleas don't live on humans but that didn't stop me from feeling cooty. I always Frontline the animals as per the instructions throughout the year as I abhor fleas. I can't believe that he managed to smuggle one in. I'm still all itchy feeling today. I've done all the soft furnishings and the few rugs and carpet that we have but ewwwwwww cooty, cooty, cooty.

We have some new pets as well. J now is the proud owner of 6 stick insects (pink winged ones) M's sister has some and they had babies. They are weeny. I'm still not too sure about stick insects, especially flying ones. I am reserving judgement until they are a bit bigger. But even as littlies they sure do poo a lot.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Can I do this?

Can I hell! I have been practicing with my drop spindle and I'm sort of getting there but dah I feel like a total idiot. I normally pick up stuff so quick but not this. In fact the only other thing that I tried and never got the hang of is driving! Oh well, off to make a few more dents in the floor, then get wool fluff up my snozzle and as J is out for the day I can also turn the air blue with a few well chosen expletives.