Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Perfect spot for a snooze.

Fergus likes it when I spin.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Going offline for a few days - need to clear my head - life is a bit sucky right now.

Back soon. xxx

Monday, July 20, 2009

Allsorts but no liquorice.

View of another favourite early morning walk. This is across the back of Woodingdean.
I think they might be friends.

Boris moulted and is now 100% (fingers crossed) Doris! This is her moult - those fangs are amazing. I find their mouth feathers fascinating.

One of my most favourite flowers. Taken on our early morning walk - from the 1st picture.
*** finally****
I am donating a prize of some of my hand spun yarn to this
Looks like fun.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Briefly there was peace

You would never believe that something so little....
so sweet looking could make so much noise and mess. It's like J in dog form!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Life with Fergus & Lottie

I was very indecisive about getting another dog after Lou-Lou died, in fact, torn might be the best way to describe my feelings.

When I saw Fergus's picture (he is also known as Bogle, Fungus and Lurgy) I felt really drawn to it. I kept going back and looking again and again.....I showed M, who doesn't normally like Scottie dogs, but who surprised me with a positive reaction, but still I hemmed and hawed. Finally on Sunday M took the initiative and phoned them up. We were there within the hour, money in our pockets and rest, as they say is history.

Part of my trepidation was due to Lotsie being a bit of a monster still and part was due to the work of a puppy (I don't think I've recovered fully from Lottie's puppyhood and getting her and Loobles to make friends was not easy.) However, it is too late, we have jumped into the deep end without a rubber ring again!

So far, it's been really good. He's bold enough to cope with the Funster - they have become buddies and by the 2nd night were sharing Lottie's bed. She is a little rough, but then he nips her back with gusto or yips if she goes too far, she stops, he launches himself at her and bites her again and off they go. They share toys, they romp, sleep and play together. Feeding time is a bit sticky as Lotsie is possessive about her food bowl - but she learnt that from the spotty pig at an early age.

Fergus himself is very sweet. He already will sit, wait, fetch and give. He uses his waz mats 90% of the time and also is well on the way to doing his jobbies out of doors. He cuddles but is also self contained enough to find a spot to doze in when everyone is too busy to play.

I know it's early days but I feel quite positive about it all so far.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Fergus

Cos he and Lottie have become fast friends.
Lottie likes to use old milk bottles as toys or pillows.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Newest family member

fergus 001
Originally uploaded by loobles2002

Fergus - 9 weeks old - ScottieXWestie.

Naughty but nice.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Glittery again

singles 001
Originally uploaded by loobles2002

Close up.


singles 002
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Post via flickr cos blogger is being an arse.

This is a single spun from a handcarded batt of merino, kid mohair, viscose and sparkle from that I purchased at Woolfest. It's not yet washed etc so was still a little kinky (lol). But I couldn't wait to post it cos I think it is so purty.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Tour de fleece number 1.

I always watch the Tour de France. I love it. I love it more than Wimbledon and that's saying something. So this year I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and spin in the Tour de fleece. So far I've only spun during the hour highlights show and even then have had to stop when the action is exciting......Mark Cavendish winning two stages already!!

So here is my first batch - we're on day 5 today - fresh straight from the wheel, so not yet washed an unkinked.

104g 21 micron Merino from Jo @ limegreenjelly (

Was really torn as this spun up as a really lovely single but the colours just called out to be plied.
It is now hanging up to dry and is really pretty.
Onwards and upwards....what shall I start spinning tonight.

Monday, July 06, 2009

And the winner is.....drumroll......

Pink with lavender tips.
A bit bright - but makes a change from grey.
Who knows what tomorrow or next week may hold!

I am a custard coconut

Or am I a...........sunshine bowling ball, or maybe daffodil billiard ball, or a honeydew melon, or a pink grapefruit with extra fuzz, perhaps a sun bleached doormat or just maybe I bleached my hair today?

It's just as a canvas for another colour - so a temporary measure -sure looks different.

Now to decide what to colour over it.......?

The colours I have to hand are, Lavender, Pink, Coral or Peacock or maybe all of them at once *joke*.

I was so bored with being grey - I know I have the attention span of a gnat when it comes to hair.

(No pictures either - see previous porcine roadkill explanation or just look Anthony's picture of me on F/book - aghghghgghghghghghghghghghhghnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. It's not vanity I promise you, just protection for your eyes and my ego. I like to live in ignorance of my physical flaws - lol.)

Thursday, July 02, 2009

The big wide world.

Just love this photo taken by J on one of our early morning dog walks. We always look out for candy striped snails.

This naughty little dog has a new past's called 'Hunt the outdoors Conkers!'

Yep Mr C McB is now going out on a daily basis. He should be renamed Lurkio, cos he lurks in the undergrowth. He is working diligently on his pigeon cookbook on a daily he is writing up Pigeon Omelet with a side dish of Collar Dove chunky chips.

Am enjoying a quiet week. Watching the tennis, listening to next doors baby/toddler scream - the joys of playing with cold water on a hot day, zoning out the drone of the air conditioner (which has been a blessing and a bit this week) and generally just taking it easy....nice. Lottie, J and M are romping around with water pistols and playing with the water slide and paddling pool. We've had dinner up the garden every evening....bliss. So far it's been a really nice why am I so miserable? Time of the month, time of the year? It'll pass.