Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Tour de fleece number 1.

I always watch the Tour de France. I love it. I love it more than Wimbledon and that's saying something. So this year I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and spin in the Tour de fleece. So far I've only spun during the hour highlights show and even then have had to stop when the action is exciting......Mark Cavendish winning two stages already!!

So here is my first batch - we're on day 5 today - fresh straight from the wheel, so not yet washed an unkinked.

104g 21 micron Merino from Jo @ limegreenjelly (

Was really torn as this spun up as a really lovely single but the colours just called out to be plied.
It is now hanging up to dry and is really pretty.
Onwards and upwards....what shall I start spinning tonight.

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Anonymous said...

ooh yummy! looks almost edible - sherberty colours and very squishy!