Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Life with Fergus & Lottie

I was very indecisive about getting another dog after Lou-Lou died, in fact, torn might be the best way to describe my feelings.

When I saw Fergus's picture (he is also known as Bogle, Fungus and Lurgy) I felt really drawn to it. I kept going back and looking again and again.....I showed M, who doesn't normally like Scottie dogs, but who surprised me with a positive reaction, but still I hemmed and hawed. Finally on Sunday M took the initiative and phoned them up. We were there within the hour, money in our pockets and rest, as they say is history.

Part of my trepidation was due to Lotsie being a bit of a monster still and part was due to the work of a puppy (I don't think I've recovered fully from Lottie's puppyhood and getting her and Loobles to make friends was not easy.) However, it is too late, we have jumped into the deep end without a rubber ring again!

So far, it's been really good. He's bold enough to cope with the Funster - they have become buddies and by the 2nd night were sharing Lottie's bed. She is a little rough, but then he nips her back with gusto or yips if she goes too far, she stops, he launches himself at her and bites her again and off they go. They share toys, they romp, sleep and play together. Feeding time is a bit sticky as Lotsie is possessive about her food bowl - but she learnt that from the spotty pig at an early age.

Fergus himself is very sweet. He already will sit, wait, fetch and give. He uses his waz mats 90% of the time and also is well on the way to doing his jobbies out of doors. He cuddles but is also self contained enough to find a spot to doze in when everyone is too busy to play.

I know it's early days but I feel quite positive about it all so far.


glittrgirl said...

That all sounds lovely!

Jo said...

It was obviously meant to be!