Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cranford Handwarmers

cranford 003
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Love this pattern. Have been meaning to make these for ages. Knitted from scrapes of Regia Silk and sock yarn on 2.25mm dpns. These really are an entertaining knit. Well thought out pattern too.

Pattern Cranford Mitts by Jane Lithgow available on Ravelry and at p/hop.
This pattern has been donated to Medecins Sans Frontieres as part of the p/hop project - pattern is free but if you like it than you donate what you feel it is worth - details below:-

Friendly enemies

silkfergus 015
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That's it you dumbass pooch, just a leetle closer and I'll show you meaning of pain. My purrs are luring you in then BAM you're fuzzy leetle butt will be mine.....all mine!

Friday, November 27, 2009

I know...

two in one day. I'm spoiling you. This is a 100g of Tussah Silk and brown Alpaca.
Navajo plied. It is gorgeous and is destined for someone else. I hope they like it.

Naughty boy! I wondered where he was....on one of my posh cushions.

Oh yes!

Lord Lucas a Tory peer gets Home-ed more than any of the younger Labour idiots appear to. This speech is wonderful. It made me hope (a little).

At last some common sense.

Read it here -

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Please help

The UK Govt is trying to bring in a law that will give them the ability to 'big brother' how we parent our children's development. It is against human rights.

Please help. Google 'The Badman Review' this will not just effect home educators it gives them a platform to bring this in against all families.

This will fundamentally change the role of the state in UK family life and will put a size 13 foot in the door to having compulsory CRB checks and monitoring of parents.

Please sign our petition -

Thank you.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

And after

I am not forgiven for this.
It is brilliant. Lucy is a genius. No more tangles.....for now.

Before the barbers!

He's there now - hopefully not barking too much!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Tiny looks fine. This moult was a really slow one and as he is on a high shelf I had to wait till M was home from work before I could be sure he/it/she was OK. I was worried if I'd clambered up to see, that I might have caused a vibration which could effect the moulting process. He looks a lot bigger and very, very hairy, he's dark brown to black with salmon pink flecks, he is still plumping up so can't say for sure how big he is now. No obvious sign of sex though, so I assume he'll have further moults....unless we are lucky and he is a she, only time will tell. I'll attempt pictures once he's fully back to normal but as he is a pretty fierce dude it isn't easy. When we open the hatch he automatically thinks it's feeding time and charges the front of his tank so he needs handling with care as I think a bite from him would be very painful.

Fergus is now 6 months old and is off for his first visit to the barbers tomorrow. His coat is so dense and woolly - he gets mats even though I groom him every day. I'm wondering what Lucy will make of him as he likes to bark when he's away from us (the vets couldn't wait for us to collect him when he went in to be neutered). Still whatever she does will be an improvement on his current woolly Gorilla suit. Lottie isn't going to the hairdressers as M and I got a DVD and learnt how to strip her coat ourselves - she is all tidy and looking very cute.

I'll take before and after photos of Fungus tomorrow. He looks so much like a Scottie that I'm wondering if he'll come home with a Scottie coat tomorrow - all beard and eyebrows.....hmmmm sounds like someone else who lives here and no I don't mean my Mother.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So now I wait

Waiting is not something I'm very good at but when a spider needs to moult then there is no choice but to wait. There is nothing you can do. It (touch wood) has always turned out OK, there can be problems, but if there is then you are helpless really.

A little while back Marmite moulted, we found it on its back on a web when we got up already part way there. Marmite is beautiful with renewed glossy black hair. He/she/it is a small spider, about 3 inches across and the moult seemed over in a blink. Then you wait whilst they pump themselves up again - which can take a few days - when it's completed you finally get to see that all eight legs are there and intact.

Today we awoke to find Tiny, our biggest tarantula, on its back waiting to moult. Three hours later he's still there. We can only be quiet near the tank, make sure we do not bang, crash and thump about near the bookcase where his tank is and wait.

I am hoping that this moult will answer what sex Tiny is but as he isn't full size yet he could have more to go. I get excited to see what happens - will there be changes in colour density or size? Will we see male tibial spurs or it will it still be a game of wait and see?

I know spiders aren't every ones cup of tea, and I know a few friends that actually abhor them and will probably not read my blog for a while in case I post pictures, but I find them fascinating. I'm not into the OMG factor of owning them, what floats my boat is the fact that they are so separate from us and so alien. I can watch them for hours, how they move, hunt and groom is so weird it's compelling.