Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Tiny looks fine. This moult was a really slow one and as he is on a high shelf I had to wait till M was home from work before I could be sure he/it/she was OK. I was worried if I'd clambered up to see, that I might have caused a vibration which could effect the moulting process. He looks a lot bigger and very, very hairy, he's dark brown to black with salmon pink flecks, he is still plumping up so can't say for sure how big he is now. No obvious sign of sex though, so I assume he'll have further moults....unless we are lucky and he is a she, only time will tell. I'll attempt pictures once he's fully back to normal but as he is a pretty fierce dude it isn't easy. When we open the hatch he automatically thinks it's feeding time and charges the front of his tank so he needs handling with care as I think a bite from him would be very painful.

Fergus is now 6 months old and is off for his first visit to the barbers tomorrow. His coat is so dense and woolly - he gets mats even though I groom him every day. I'm wondering what Lucy will make of him as he likes to bark when he's away from us (the vets couldn't wait for us to collect him when he went in to be neutered). Still whatever she does will be an improvement on his current woolly Gorilla suit. Lottie isn't going to the hairdressers as M and I got a DVD and learnt how to strip her coat ourselves - she is all tidy and looking very cute.

I'll take before and after photos of Fungus tomorrow. He looks so much like a Scottie that I'm wondering if he'll come home with a Scottie coat tomorrow - all beard and eyebrows.....hmmmm sounds like someone else who lives here and no I don't mean my Mother.

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Batty said...

What a fierce little guy... or girl! So... how do you tell sex in a spider?