Monday, October 30, 2006

Spooky spiders - mwahaha.

Yes I know - two in one day - I spoil you. But what could be better for Halloween than spiders - big hairy spiders? Here is the newly moulted Humbug - in all his stripy legged glory - Pippi Longstocking eat your heart out! M had great fun moving him to his new tank - he's an aggressive little fucker.
This is our 1st picture of Tiny - the spider with the potential to grow to 10 inches. At the moment he's about 2 inches across and very hairy. He has a voracious appetite and looks for a 2nd helping almost straight away. I shall be watching this ones growth rate with great interest.

Colemans - the other new spider is a bit small to photograph yet - but never fear- the minute he's big enough he will make a grand debut.

Now sleep well on on all hallows eve - no nasty dreams about gert big hairy spiders crawling up your legs under the bed clothes now.

Things that go bump in the night!

So, we love Halloween. J and I have been making scary pictures all day. The spider cake is cooling in its tin as I type.

We, as a family, are also all writing scary poems and stories to tell each other tomorrow tonight, after our special ultra scary tea. J sneaked a peek at my poem and wants me to share it with the world so here goes........enjoy.......remember it was written with the idea in mind to entertain a 9 yr old (ghoulish) boy.

Supping on little boys is what I like to do,
Crunching on their knobbly knees and skinny elbows too.
Custard mash made from their brains and strain their innards through,
Washed down with a pint of blood mixed well with snotty goo!

I quite like a brekkie of little girls as a cereal that is sweet,
Their flesh is soft and tender as are their cheesy feet.
Their long hair makes spaghetti of which I am quite fond,
It tastes even better after a soaking in the pond.

My mid-day snack is normally quite light
If I spy a passing Granny - then I might just take a bite.
Although they are more chewy and their bones more brittle too,
Where their brains are old and soggy makes a lovely soupy goo!

Oh yes, I do like human food, it tastes so very nice,
Who'd want to eat Chinese food, all bamboo shoots and rice.
I'll stick to little humans and the odd Granny too,
There is no waste, so good they taste, I even eat their poo!


Friday, October 27, 2006

Chock full of yarny goodness.

I kind of broke my yarn diet (oops) but my Darlin man said "You've not bought much yarn lately. Why don't you treat yourself?" And I wasn't about to decline that kind offer now, was I? So here we have some Handmaiden lace weight silk in Rose Garden. I bought to make a shawl - the pattern for which I also purchased but it's a secret at the moment ;0) I still have a passion for pink and green colour mixes - the pinks are really dusky edging more toward a minky beige than pinky pink - very subtle.
Here in some yummalicious LL sock yarn in one of my fav colourways Irving Park. I made a curly-whirly scarf in this colour last year and the mix of the purple, red and orange has just grown on me. I love this sock yarn - it keeps it colour and is so very soft and I've found durable.
Two skeins if LL DK weight merino wool (superwash) in my all time fav colourways Sherbet. I made a wrap using this in Worsted (Aran?) earlier this year. It is soft and snuggly and always makes me feel warm and cheerful. So this is destined to become a scarf (for me) a thick snuggly scarf to warm and cheer me through out the winter. My passion for these colours all stem from having Gundel - as my SP - she mentioned she loved hot pink and orange mixes - I initially thought yuck - but when I started shopping for her - well the rest is history - I was completely hooked. I have dyed and bought so much yarn using this mix of colours - I loves it I do!

I shall be employing my winder today and will no doubt have a severe case of start-it-tis over the forthcoming weekend. Which will be spent predominately at home because on Sat M has a studio booked and is off jamming with his band until the evening and as I have Aunt Flo visiting I will be taking it easy at home. Sunday - well we have plans but it's all dependent on how my body behaves etc.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Our household includes my Ma and her animals as well. As I posted earlier this year she lost here old cat Pixie. At the time she felt she didn't want anymore cats. Well, time moves on and she read about the Brighton & Hove Cats Protection League needing people to offer homes to older cats (people don't want to adopt older cats for some reason). She met a lovely B & W boy called Rufus who she wanted to home....but sadly Rufus became unwell and needed further vet treatment and to stay where he was. So, Ma offered a home to..........

Jasmine or Miss Fluffy Pants aka a Tribble on legs or possibly a Wig-wig. She came to live with us on Saturday and she is a lovely, gentle, friendly, fluffy (did I mention she was fluffy?) girlie of 10 years.
She is settling in well. She has met Ma's dachshunds and tolerates them but has yet to meet Loobles (she has seen her through the patio doors) or Conkers properly (Conkers did get into to Ma's lounge the other day - his tail fluffed and he peered over the sofa at her and they have conversed briefly through a glass door - he mews, she hisses!) We are doing the introducing slowly as I don't want a repeat of the Kodo/Poppy warfare and the Buster/Pixie swear-scratchathons this time.

It seems a shame that this little girl was going to be put to sleep by her owners (allegedly) because she no longer fitted their lifestyle. She has so much love to give as do so many older cats who need homes. Anyone thinking of getting a kitty or if you know someone who is....please think about/get them to think about adopting an older cat. I know our local cat rescue is full to the brim -and is trying to squeeze in emergency rescues and has to put cats in need on the waiting list. They never put healthy animals down - but because of people breeding kittens for sale and then not being able to sell them and then dumping them on the rescue people, people kicking out pets they've grown bored of or are too old etc - the older cats people don't want are taking shelter places and the shelters are out of spaces. Just think about it - older cats are loving and full of fun too.

Friday, October 20, 2006

"Beret good, Mr Bond."

I love my Debbie Bliss beret and wear it loads - so I decided to make another one in a different colour. Sweetie boy - unhappily agreed to model this so I could get a shot of the stitch definition. He'd just woken up and agreed to this picture before he realised it would go on my blog...haha!
Loobles wasn't much happier about her modeling assignment either but ever hopeful of some of Conkers dried cat foot as a reward, she posed - briefly - she didn't get any fud either!

The hat is made in Alpaca silk (Aran weight) and is knitted back and forth in moss stitch - and can be completed in an afternoon. The cravat that goes with it - I never wear - so made a pair of Fetching instead to match this, as I am more likely to wear gloves than a scarf.

As for the rest of my knitting - well my mojo has been a bit underwhelming this week. I have had the time to knit but have chosen not to - I have been so tired in the evenings that early nights have been the order of the day. I am working on plain socks for J, a lace shawl, a silk version of Cozy and Ma's never ending Pomatomous sockies. The beret was a quick fix knit for me - that hopefully will re-spark the ole knitting juices back into overdrive.


Humbug is right in the middle of his moult - as I type this. It is exciting when a spider moults, much like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly. The spiders colours will be brighter, the spider will be bigger and there is always the possibility that we will be able to determine their sex. There is also the moment of dread when you see them still on their backs, unmoving, the fear that the spider may be stuck in its exoskeleton and will die. The relief when they start to move and slowly emerge - is like letting go on a long held breath. So we are being quiet, no loud noises, thumping around and subdued lighting - until little Humbug has re-emerged. He will be fragile for a while. They need to harden and to pump themselves up as they shed everything when they moult - their fangs and even the lining of their mouths. No food for him for a while either. Though unusually for a spider he ate 48 hours before he started his moult. I post piccies of him once he has obtained his full moult.

The two new babies have been re-housed and fed and are now tromping about exploring their new domains.

I know people find spiders scary - I understand - I used to be terrified of them too. But they really aren't anything to be scared off and are fascinating creatures. Like any creature that has venom - if you scare them or encroach on their territory - you could get bitten and some give very nasty bites - but if you are careful and respect them then you should be ok.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ahhhh babies.

I was attempting to put up a picture of Conkers loving his cuddly duck but Bogger (no spelling mistake this time) is giving moi gip!

I'll put them on Flickr - looksie at the box thingy a bottom of blog.

We've got new babies - cute ickle spiderlings.....ahhhhh.

We've bought a Salmon Pink Birdeater currently about 2" across with the capability of growing to 10" - J has christened it 'Tiny' - great name or what :0) - for those of you who like proper names this tarantula is known as lasidora parahybana.

Whilst there M also acquired a tiny (less than an inch) Chacoan Mustard Tarantula - also known as Chaco Goldenstripe/Golden Knee - proper name grammastola aureistriata. That one can grow up to 7.5 - 8" leg span - so another weeny one. This one has been christened 'Colemans' - yet another great name!

So we now have 6 eight legged babies - the family just keeps on growing.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Oo-Oo just found these.

Firstly 'Ha' this illustrates some of previous rant re word meaning

Far more humorous than my OTT rant (I feel better now, by the way) but very interesting and in its way illuminating.

Secondly, if you don't already read this blog - you should - one of the best on the web.

Todays post made me laugh out loud - which I needed.

Read, enjoy, revel!

NB: Blogger (I just typed Bogger - whoops) spell checker is not working on this post. I can't spell for toffee. I have attempted to check my spelling the old fashioned way - using a dictionary - but excuse me if I've fluffed up - thank you.

Face flannels.

Wet, soggy, overused and washed out face flannels (wash cloths for non-UK folk). That is what so many people are. So PC that they are scared to speak up, out and voice opinions - for fuck sake - where is individuality? Where is the freedom to be and say what the fuck you want?

I hate living in this PC world - with all the boobies and scaredy cats. We might as well all be mice or frightened little bunnies - GROW UP.

Stop all the PC crap and be a PERSON (I know I'm shouting - so what - I'm a shouty sort of gal).

The next time I get hauled over the coals by some up tight PC fuckwit for saying something - I think I might just burst. It's a free country. I can say what I want. I can think what I want - that's the thing about freedom ------- 'you are free.'

I heard myself today, at breakfast, jump on the PC wagon. M said something totally non-PC to J, and I picked him up on it, told him that his attitude would not help J understand and fit in with society now etc. OMG - I became one of them. J must realise freedom of expression and learn to judge for himself. Not from a load of PC gobbledy-gook and waffle from rim wearing hyprocrites. I became a hypocrite - because I agree with what M - but mouthed the PC stuff - I am so angry with myself.

I pledge I will not brainwash my child with PC jargon-neese. I will be honest to what I believe and let J have the freedom to form/change/develop his own perspective on contentious issues.

Finally - why are issues contentious? Because of how we interpret what is said. If you call someone a 'wanker' who has never heard the word before, they do not know it is insult and will not be offended. It's not the person who says the word it is the person who interprets it.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Short n sweet - not.

This is Bumhug the Giant Brazilian Black and White Tarantula - who technically is still a baby...after me now everyone - 1, 2, 3 ....ahhhhh. No? Diego has made his 4th sperm web and is currently resting on it, exhausted from all that spinning. Phido - is thinner, weaker and balder everyday but is still tromping about looking for lurve and the Boris/Doris combo is very big and fluffy and full of fun.

Other stuff....well lots of playing with the 'GND' (girls next door), a play date with G (hmmm I think J was being difficult that day from what M said), swimming, walking, arguments, some learning - you know family stuff.

We did have a bonfire the other night and sat out with hot drinks and choccie bikkies in the dark - very enjoyable. M had a terrible week at work and needed his first weekend off call - chillin - but aforementioned family stuff (boy being total arsehole) kind of put the kibosh on the relaxing bit.

I've hurt my back and hip and spent the last few days drugged and uncomfortable - it's slowly easing but is still waking me up and disturbing my sleep patterns.

Knitting - not as much as I'd like. I can't settle cos of the pain. I have finished one Pomatumas - or whatever they're called - for Ma. Work continues on other secret projects. I also have been spinning - no piccies yet.

Conkers and Loobles are well - though how an indoor cat manages to get fleas in October - after being regularly Frontlined - is beyond me. Loobles has none - her coat is not good for fleas. And as her hips are bad we've been limiting her walkies to a couple of miles on pavement a day - to stop her running. So where is an indoor cat getting them from? I ask you - 5 fleas in 24 hrs I got off him...uggh! The whole house has been treated - he has no flea eggs - the remaining carpet and all soft furnishings have been done and he is flea combed everyday....yet still he has fleas. I hate fleas! I am now itching as I type this and I bet you are too.

We have a quiet week planned this week (fingers crossed). I intend to knit loads. The marathon cleaning also continues - it's all those horrible jobs that get put off - almost finished now. M even cleaned out his side of under the bed (picks self up from faint) and .... wait for it......he....threw....stuff ....out *gasp* total shock, horror, he never throws out anything....ever. Once it's all done it will be lovely to sit back and enjoy it for 5 minutes before we need to start again, this house is like the Forth Bridge.

My agoraphobia is very, very bad at the moment- so if people are wondering where I am and why I'm not seen, well now they know. I can't face calling or visiting anyone at the moment. Apart from the music concert the other week - I haven't seen anyone outside my immediate family for weeks. It got so bad that I have decided to defer my exam as I can't face sitting it - in fact I may never get to sit it. I can even face places like the public library at the moment, J and M are very understanding....but I am very fed up with 'me'.

Ahh well - we just have to sit it out and wait for it to pass.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Whoosh...there it was..

the last week that is.

Choccer block of stuff. Here is a round-up.

Went to The Cats Protection League with Ma. She is looking to adopt an older cat as she feels enough time has elapsed since Pixie died. J fell in love with every cat there but especially with a little white 6 month old boy called Monty, who was very friendly and playful and a large fluffy tabby called William aka Squeak. He wanted us to have another cat but I feel at this time we have more than enough to care for and pay out for. Ma looked at a little B & W boy called Rufus, he's recovering from surgery at the mo but she's hopeful that she can adopt him.

On the boy front we had a upsy-downsy week. Some of his reactions to requests and his behaviour has left a lot to be desired. He would have tested the patience of a saint so I didn't stand a chance. We had a week of Shakespeare and times tables - odd mix - but there you go. There was a bit of physics and chemistry thrown in as well (boy did not know that's what he was doing - but if the mountain won't come etc, etc). He also did quite a bit of knitting - making little knitted fish for his friends who live next door. Yep, we now have neighbor's with kids. A friendship was established through the hedge, gifts exchanged and much playing in each others gardens and houses ensued. Add in a giant play with cousins on Friday and boy was well socialized and satisfied.

We had a couple of social evenings - very nice.

Knitting has occurred. I have so many finished items that I haven't photographed - I just haven't had the time. But in the past week I have completed some plain socks for me, a pair of cabled gauntlets and some mittens. I have also tidied my stash and 'frogged' all those WIP's that I started in enthusiasm and now know I will never finish. I now have a workable pile of WIP's and a couple of old UFO's and neat stash. One gold star for me ;0)

I've also gone back to using the treadmill now the weather is cooler and the garage is less of sweatbox. I enjoy getting puffed and sweaty in private - can't stand the gym environment.

M and I have been jolly bunnies and life is smooth and sweet - we have been busy on separate stuff so quiet evenings (after J is in bed) are being relished.

OMG Autumn Watch - I love nature programmes and J loves this (and Spring Watch) but will someone please gag Bill Oddie! Doesn't he ever stop. He can be interesting but it's all the waffle. Also I wish that they would stop putting human emotions and reactions on the animals - that is such a load of bollocks.

Got another busy week ahead - need to knit - but may not have much time:0(

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Let us rock!

M, Big Sis and I went to see Breed 77 last night at the Concorde 2 - did they rock? Oh yes, oh yes indeedy - they rocked big time.

Loud and wonderful - a mix of ethnic, flamenco and heavy rock all rolled into one cool package - and their lead singer is easy on the eyes - BONUS!

If you've not heard their stuff check it out - it's different but in a good way - they are a band that are so accomplished as muscians, doing something really well that is a bit different, they deserve to make it really big.

Beer was quaffed, heads were banged, ears rang....we rocked out.

A great evening!