Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ahhhh babies.

I was attempting to put up a picture of Conkers loving his cuddly duck but Bogger (no spelling mistake this time) is giving moi gip!

I'll put them on Flickr - looksie at the box thingy a bottom of blog.

We've got new babies - cute ickle spiderlings.....ahhhhh.

We've bought a Salmon Pink Birdeater currently about 2" across with the capability of growing to 10" - J has christened it 'Tiny' - great name or what :0) - for those of you who like proper names this tarantula is known as lasidora parahybana.

Whilst there M also acquired a tiny (less than an inch) Chacoan Mustard Tarantula - also known as Chaco Goldenstripe/Golden Knee - proper name grammastola aureistriata. That one can grow up to 7.5 - 8" leg span - so another weeny one. This one has been christened 'Colemans' - yet another great name!

So we now have 6 eight legged babies - the family just keeps on growing.

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