Monday, October 30, 2006

Spooky spiders - mwahaha.

Yes I know - two in one day - I spoil you. But what could be better for Halloween than spiders - big hairy spiders? Here is the newly moulted Humbug - in all his stripy legged glory - Pippi Longstocking eat your heart out! M had great fun moving him to his new tank - he's an aggressive little fucker.
This is our 1st picture of Tiny - the spider with the potential to grow to 10 inches. At the moment he's about 2 inches across and very hairy. He has a voracious appetite and looks for a 2nd helping almost straight away. I shall be watching this ones growth rate with great interest.

Colemans - the other new spider is a bit small to photograph yet - but never fear- the minute he's big enough he will make a grand debut.

Now sleep well on on all hallows eve - no nasty dreams about gert big hairy spiders crawling up your legs under the bed clothes now.

1 comment:

Trillian42 said...

Great pics of the spideys! They are both very cool-looking.

And I love your poem!