Monday, October 09, 2006

Whoosh...there it was..

the last week that is.

Choccer block of stuff. Here is a round-up.

Went to The Cats Protection League with Ma. She is looking to adopt an older cat as she feels enough time has elapsed since Pixie died. J fell in love with every cat there but especially with a little white 6 month old boy called Monty, who was very friendly and playful and a large fluffy tabby called William aka Squeak. He wanted us to have another cat but I feel at this time we have more than enough to care for and pay out for. Ma looked at a little B & W boy called Rufus, he's recovering from surgery at the mo but she's hopeful that she can adopt him.

On the boy front we had a upsy-downsy week. Some of his reactions to requests and his behaviour has left a lot to be desired. He would have tested the patience of a saint so I didn't stand a chance. We had a week of Shakespeare and times tables - odd mix - but there you go. There was a bit of physics and chemistry thrown in as well (boy did not know that's what he was doing - but if the mountain won't come etc, etc). He also did quite a bit of knitting - making little knitted fish for his friends who live next door. Yep, we now have neighbor's with kids. A friendship was established through the hedge, gifts exchanged and much playing in each others gardens and houses ensued. Add in a giant play with cousins on Friday and boy was well socialized and satisfied.

We had a couple of social evenings - very nice.

Knitting has occurred. I have so many finished items that I haven't photographed - I just haven't had the time. But in the past week I have completed some plain socks for me, a pair of cabled gauntlets and some mittens. I have also tidied my stash and 'frogged' all those WIP's that I started in enthusiasm and now know I will never finish. I now have a workable pile of WIP's and a couple of old UFO's and neat stash. One gold star for me ;0)

I've also gone back to using the treadmill now the weather is cooler and the garage is less of sweatbox. I enjoy getting puffed and sweaty in private - can't stand the gym environment.

M and I have been jolly bunnies and life is smooth and sweet - we have been busy on separate stuff so quiet evenings (after J is in bed) are being relished.

OMG Autumn Watch - I love nature programmes and J loves this (and Spring Watch) but will someone please gag Bill Oddie! Doesn't he ever stop. He can be interesting but it's all the waffle. Also I wish that they would stop putting human emotions and reactions on the animals - that is such a load of bollocks.

Got another busy week ahead - need to knit - but may not have much time:0(

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