Monday, October 16, 2006

Short n sweet - not.

This is Bumhug the Giant Brazilian Black and White Tarantula - who technically is still a baby...after me now everyone - 1, 2, 3 ....ahhhhh. No? Diego has made his 4th sperm web and is currently resting on it, exhausted from all that spinning. Phido - is thinner, weaker and balder everyday but is still tromping about looking for lurve and the Boris/Doris combo is very big and fluffy and full of fun.

Other stuff....well lots of playing with the 'GND' (girls next door), a play date with G (hmmm I think J was being difficult that day from what M said), swimming, walking, arguments, some learning - you know family stuff.

We did have a bonfire the other night and sat out with hot drinks and choccie bikkies in the dark - very enjoyable. M had a terrible week at work and needed his first weekend off call - chillin - but aforementioned family stuff (boy being total arsehole) kind of put the kibosh on the relaxing bit.

I've hurt my back and hip and spent the last few days drugged and uncomfortable - it's slowly easing but is still waking me up and disturbing my sleep patterns.

Knitting - not as much as I'd like. I can't settle cos of the pain. I have finished one Pomatumas - or whatever they're called - for Ma. Work continues on other secret projects. I also have been spinning - no piccies yet.

Conkers and Loobles are well - though how an indoor cat manages to get fleas in October - after being regularly Frontlined - is beyond me. Loobles has none - her coat is not good for fleas. And as her hips are bad we've been limiting her walkies to a couple of miles on pavement a day - to stop her running. So where is an indoor cat getting them from? I ask you - 5 fleas in 24 hrs I got off him...uggh! The whole house has been treated - he has no flea eggs - the remaining carpet and all soft furnishings have been done and he is flea combed everyday....yet still he has fleas. I hate fleas! I am now itching as I type this and I bet you are too.

We have a quiet week planned this week (fingers crossed). I intend to knit loads. The marathon cleaning also continues - it's all those horrible jobs that get put off - almost finished now. M even cleaned out his side of under the bed (picks self up from faint) and .... wait for it......he....threw....stuff ....out *gasp* total shock, horror, he never throws out anything....ever. Once it's all done it will be lovely to sit back and enjoy it for 5 minutes before we need to start again, this house is like the Forth Bridge.

My agoraphobia is very, very bad at the moment- so if people are wondering where I am and why I'm not seen, well now they know. I can't face calling or visiting anyone at the moment. Apart from the music concert the other week - I haven't seen anyone outside my immediate family for weeks. It got so bad that I have decided to defer my exam as I can't face sitting it - in fact I may never get to sit it. I can even face places like the public library at the moment, J and M are very understanding....but I am very fed up with 'me'.

Ahh well - we just have to sit it out and wait for it to pass.

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Faerynuff said...

Hugs P.

Take your time and try not to think too much about your agoraphobia. The more I think about it, the less I want to go out. I wouldn't go out at all if I didn't have to take E to school.

Maybe you could go for a short conker collecting walk, drive somewhere if possible, somewhere you won't see anyone or meet anyone you know. Just to get a breath of fresh air.

Take it easy, take it slow. You've got buddies on the internet who'll always chat if you need it.

Love, Ali x