Monday, October 30, 2006

Things that go bump in the night!

So, we love Halloween. J and I have been making scary pictures all day. The spider cake is cooling in its tin as I type.

We, as a family, are also all writing scary poems and stories to tell each other tomorrow tonight, after our special ultra scary tea. J sneaked a peek at my poem and wants me to share it with the world so here goes........enjoy.......remember it was written with the idea in mind to entertain a 9 yr old (ghoulish) boy.

Supping on little boys is what I like to do,
Crunching on their knobbly knees and skinny elbows too.
Custard mash made from their brains and strain their innards through,
Washed down with a pint of blood mixed well with snotty goo!

I quite like a brekkie of little girls as a cereal that is sweet,
Their flesh is soft and tender as are their cheesy feet.
Their long hair makes spaghetti of which I am quite fond,
It tastes even better after a soaking in the pond.

My mid-day snack is normally quite light
If I spy a passing Granny - then I might just take a bite.
Although they are more chewy and their bones more brittle too,
Where their brains are old and soggy makes a lovely soupy goo!

Oh yes, I do like human food, it tastes so very nice,
Who'd want to eat Chinese food, all bamboo shoots and rice.
I'll stick to little humans and the odd Granny too,
There is no waste, so good they taste, I even eat their poo!


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