Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Face flannels.

Wet, soggy, overused and washed out face flannels (wash cloths for non-UK folk). That is what so many people are. So PC that they are scared to speak up, out and voice opinions - for fuck sake - where is individuality? Where is the freedom to be and say what the fuck you want?

I hate living in this PC world - with all the boobies and scaredy cats. We might as well all be mice or frightened little bunnies - GROW UP.

Stop all the PC crap and be a PERSON (I know I'm shouting - so what - I'm a shouty sort of gal).

The next time I get hauled over the coals by some up tight PC fuckwit for saying something - I think I might just burst. It's a free country. I can say what I want. I can think what I want - that's the thing about freedom ------- 'you are free.'

I heard myself today, at breakfast, jump on the PC wagon. M said something totally non-PC to J, and I picked him up on it, told him that his attitude would not help J understand and fit in with society now etc. OMG - I became one of them. J must realise freedom of expression and learn to judge for himself. Not from a load of PC gobbledy-gook and waffle from rim wearing hyprocrites. I became a hypocrite - because I agree with what M - but mouthed the PC stuff - I am so angry with myself.

I pledge I will not brainwash my child with PC jargon-neese. I will be honest to what I believe and let J have the freedom to form/change/develop his own perspective on contentious issues.

Finally - why are issues contentious? Because of how we interpret what is said. If you call someone a 'wanker' who has never heard the word before, they do not know it is insult and will not be offended. It's not the person who says the word it is the person who interprets it.

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