Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Finished Objects.

So I finally got my finger out and finished some stuff and got around to taking pictures of it as well.
The fuzzy hat and scarf is for me. The scarf is not blocked as I liked the tubular effect.
The red set is for J for Christmas as is that cool dude Funky - the Monkey.

And the big news is I passed my course for this year .....Hoo...bloody....rah!!!!

I actually dreamt last night that for both parts I got 0% - so you can guess the state of my tummy when I checked on-line this a.m. to see if the result was there - butterflies with hobnail boots on - big uns.

Finally a F.O. for me. Posted by Hello

Wot you looking at matey? Posted by Hello

J's Xmas Baby Cashmerino scarf set - still need to block the scarf. Posted by Hello

Here's J's Christmas 'Funky' Monkey - I've just got to knit the tail. Posted by Hello

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Here's our oldest spider, our first one, this is Fluffy - he's a pink toe - cute nail polish! Posted by Hello

Here's our newest baby - Boris - he's a rainbow of colour. Posted by Hello

Here's another view of Fifi - check out her fangs. Posted by Hello

Here's a picture of Fifi our Mexican Red Knee, she's a little over 2 years and a bit fiesty. Posted by Hello

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Adventures in weaving

This week I have been mostly weaving (if you never watched The Fast Show - this joke is wasted on you!) Below are pictures - of my new toy (early Xmas/Birthday present from ML) and my first efforts/attempt. I don't think it's too bad and boy did I have fun...I loves it I do!

Please excuse the early Xmas decorations - it's a long story - but we had to get something else out of the attic, the decorations were in the way, J saw them and the rest is history....please don't put them back in the attic Mum etc etc etc - so now they are up, much too early for my liking, but J is ecstatic!!

I'm off to find more wool from my stash, as this evening I want to warp it up again (no Scotty references, thank you very much!) and have another go.


Here's one of my bears Mr LeRoy Brown wearing my first ever completed woven project - a scarf. Posted by Hello

Here's some weaving in progress - (still have my L plates!) Posted by Hello

This is my new toy. A Rigid Heddle Loom. Posted by Hello