Sunday, December 30, 2007

All together now.....ahhhhhhhh

SIL and her family have a new member.....may I introduce you to Ruby?
Isn't she adorable?
9 week old Border Terrier bitch pup. She's all squonchy and smells of puppy.
I tried to smuggle her home but they wouldn't let me.....meanies.

I love puppies but I don't think Loobles would appreciate one - she's going through her when I am old I will wear purple phase - ergo cantankerous old bag phase! Still Ruby made me go all gooey.

Friday, December 28, 2007

A little Xmas knitting

Two completed socks - but not a matching pair. One plain ole vanilla with SR heel in a lovely yarn sent to me by Kathrows - so soft and smooshy - but I can't find the label at the moment - tis somewhere in the blog archive.

And one Pomatomous in Lorna's Laces in Devon colourway. Not the best pictures - sorry terrible light today.
This is my third pair of socks in this pattern - I love it - much simpler than it looks.
I also knit about 30 rows of the rib cardi/vest that fries my brain to lard - it is soooo boring.
All the Xmas knitting was finished in time - J's plain ole vanilla socks (I knit socks for my boys every year - this year Ma and Sis got socks to - not as pressies really but just because it's nice to knit them for others). I also knit J the Fair Isle hand warmers using the design from 'We Call Them Pirates' from Hello Yarns (you can see them in the previous post) - he loves them and is wearing them today. The final bit of Xmas knitting was another knitted bacteria (no photo) as the Giant Microbe I'd ordered him didn't get here in time.
I'm going to get some serious knitting done today as I need some 'head' time. This is when I need to think/digest stuff that is going on that is effecting me. One of these is that Spike (who was M's Mums cat - now lives with SIL) was discovered yesterday to have cancer and will be put to sleep today. He's an ole boy (almost 16 or 17 we think) and he's had a good life - but it's another link to M's family gone - it's all quiet shocking - first his Dad, then Mum, then the family home up for sale and now Spikey. I just hope that 2008 gives his family a break - I think they deserve one!
M's birthday is on Monday so I also need to plan out what to do to make it extra special - can't say too much as he reads this *sigh* ;-)
So off to get out the wool winder - see you next year - have a good one!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Now you see them.......

Oooooooo you can feel the tension as we made him wait.....he didn't wake us though and we managed to sleep to 8.15am. He opened his stocking on our bed and had a cuppa before tearing through the pile under the tree.
Now you don't!!!! Gone in about 15 minutes or less.

Two points - J's mittens are part of the secret Xmas knitting - little stocking fillers and the hole on the knee of his PJ's - how do you make a hole in your jarmars? Only he could manage that!!

Christmas was quiet - J's Nintendo DS made sure we saw very little of him, except at mealtime. M cooked an amazing dinner and we ate, drank and made merry - an no-one fell asleep - 1st time ever that has happened.

The blue ball in the foreground of picture 2 - has joined the great 'dog ball' heaven in the sky as Loobles decimated it in record time - I spent a happy 1/4 of hour tracking down all the little bits - thankfully she spits them all out - mmmmmm all slimy and covered in dog gob.

Right time for lunch and a glass of something red and fruity.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tis the season to be...........

Or maybe naughty?
Perhaps traditional?
Or even naturally artistic?

Well whatever floats your boat.....have a happy holiday!

Friday, December 21, 2007

In the words of............

the wonderful Newton Faulkner

"So don't take my photograph
Cos I don't wanna know how it looks to feel like this.
As cars and people pass
It feels like standing still but I know
I'm just moving uncomfortably slow."

We've had a week of minor disasters - stupid things - another credit card fraud, still full of snot, car has a flat battery, dog started puking again after we thought she was better and the cooker went wrong - you know - stuff. Then you hear a friends news, which just slaps you about the head and you realise that in the whole scheme of things your stuff is crumbs on life's cutting board!

So as Xmas approaches I am a niggled, slightly pole-axed Peri and the above lyrics just about summed up how I feel right now.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Oh Christmas tree....

Oh Christmas tree, your baubles glint so temptingly,
The tinsel round the water tank.............
was put there just for me to yank!!!

Happiness is Conkers shaped.

Down but not out!

Unfortunately just as I started to climb the hill to well-being. I caught a secondary virus - resulting in a streaming cold with wonderful gastric side effects. So since about Thursday I've being doing an impersonation of a dying duck in a thunderstorm.

All our Xmas shopping and stuff is all behind, no cards have been posted, no food shopping lists written - nothing, nada, nought has been done in festive preparation.

M is still in recovery but is doing the best he can. But I can honestly say "I've not been as ill as this in almost 20 years!" The year we got married I had a serious gastric illness and that is the last time (including getting Chickenpox when I was 24) that I can remember being this ill. As most of the time I am disgustingly healthy, I don't do 'ill' well - I am depressed, miserable and finding it hard to find any positives right now.

So no knitting to post, no spinning progress - I give you nothing - unless you'd like some germs - I got those in abundance!

Oh we did get a tree - it's just not big enough though *joke* I don't think M could have found a bigger one. The boys put it up yesterday and apparently it smells divine but as I neither taste or smell at the moment I'm taking their word for it. It looks pretty though.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Little knitted socks from 'Last Minute Knitted Gifts' - love em!!

I also managed to finish 1 Fair Isle mitten - yay! And am 2/3's through a boy sock - call me - Mrs Productive.

I also started spinning the 2nd plait of Corriedale fibre from Angela on Fair Isle - I got distracted from the black and the alpaca when I re-discovered this in my stash - ooooo it is so pretty.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Winterberry mittens

I had 50g of hand spun merino/silk mix in this wonderful port/claret colour. It had amazing sheen and I needed to knit with it. But 50g is limiting. So it had to be hand warmer type thingies. Although the sheen was wonderful, the yarn soft and springy. They needed something more.
So I added applique leaves and berries. I used some Knitpicks Baby Alpaca silk and Knitpicks Merino for the leaves, the berries are more of the hand spun and some Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.

The pattern is made up and the right hand was knit Saturday evening the left Sunday - so a nice quick project for me. I think they are destined to be gifties - but I am so pleased with them.

Apologies for crap, uninspiring photos - the light has been awful and it was late at night - they are prettier in real life.

Finally........pure alpaca hand spun. I soooooo adore this fibre and the yarn spun from it. I got 102g in total and it is roughly a fine DK weight. The more I spin the more I come to love the natural colour palate. The has hues of toffee, beige, cream and chestnut. I chain plied it because I got so carried away in my pleasure of spinning it. I forgot to stop and start a 2nd bobbin half way through...whoops.
So a fairly productive week. Two pairs of socks completed, a pair of mittens and some spinning - not bad.

As I'm starting to feel much better my mojo is returning. I have some wonderful alpaca and silk in pure cream that I'm part way through spinning that I want to crack on with this week and some black merino and silk blend that is singing to me as well. Sod housework and Xmas stuff I feel the need to spin ;-)

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Not more socks!!!

Yep and another craptastic photo too. But at least I'm finishing stuff, which is a good thing. These are 'No-purl Monkey Socks' adapted from Cookies pattern and knitted in Jitterbug. Me thinks that they are destined to be a giftie - but the recipient doesn't often read my blog.

I also finished spinning the caramel coloured Alpaca fluff yesterday and it is in mid ply - it is lovely.

On the needles - Fair Isle mitten-type thingys (gift), handspun silk/merino mittens (poss gift), Lorna's Laces Pomatomous (yes I know I said after pair number 2 - never again but it's been a year and I like to fuck with my own head now and then), 1 scarf in handspun which is beaded and is a slow knit and two stole/shawl type projects. Abandoned until further notice or until some of the above are completed are the ribby cardi and Sahara.

The crochet afghan progresses in tits and farts. (fits and starts in other words).

I wrote the few Xmas cards I am obliged to send today and realised I still need to buy more *sigh* one day I will get it that I don't send any - but the older generation of the family kind of expect it and I'd hate to seem rude or uncaring......see I do have a heart. Plus J hasn't written his ones yet either.

Still coughing but a lot better - hurrah!

Reading.....'An Anthology of Romantic Verse' and a sci-fantasy novel for fluff reading, J is just starting Harry Potter number 4 as well as reading the collection of kids horror stories (9 books worth) that I got for him.

Am looking forward to 1/4 final tonight of Strictly Come Dancing....go Alesha!

Have been listening to a lot of classical music this week - mainly Mozart interspersed with some Podcasts - free audio book Playing for Keeps by Mur Lafferty - (google it!) J and I love this - it's great fun - but has some swearing - otherwise good for kids!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Give a gift, get a gift

Yay! M's sockies are finally finished. He likes them. I like STR - lovely to knit with.
I loved 'Life on Mars' solely for the character DCI Gene Hunt (all those childhood memories of the Sweeny/Professionals etc) so M got me this book - which I read in less than an hour - boy is it un-pc (hurrah) and very, very funny. I was having a miserable day on Monday but this really cheered me up.

Am trying Manuka honey, am still ill, had a relapse last night and this morning - but feel a little better this evening. I wonder if I've picked up a 2nd cold germ as I have now developed a bunged up nose etc. Just hope I'm over it all for Xmas.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Bonkers Origami

"No, pink monkey thing, I will not move so you can make your bed. I am comfortable and looking just too dang cute to be disturbed!"
"Just look at my stretched out yogic position. I am all powerful and you can not make me move - hahahahahahahaha!"

He did move - M picked him up for a cuddle and off he went in high dudgeon. So undignified this cuddling business.

When we were on Fair Isle M discovered the joys of origami. So last week I bought him a book and some papers and this weekend he as been a-folding and a-creasing like a man possessed.
I now have a pig, a dinosaur, two flowers, two leaves, 3 birdies, 1 flapping pecking bird, a parrot and 2 Spanish boxes (1 of which is my own feeble attempt - I suck royally at paper folding). What will he make today?

I've had an unproductive weekend - I had a relapse and ended up feeling really ill again on Saturday. I've spun and knit a tiny amount and that is it *sigh* tomorrow I will enter my 4th week of this bug. I do (sort of) feel better in myself - but am full of muck and coughing like an ole train - it is gross.

Ah well - it can only get better - onwards and upwards - and 100's of other think positive cliches.

I intend to rest as much as possible this week and hopefully by being careful of myself I can finally shake this fucker off - just in time for PMT etc next week - lovely!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Fings wat I ave been a doing of.

Yarn Harlots - Unoriginal Hat in some sort of chunky black Rowan wool, modelled by the delightful J. Crap photos due to crap light and pissing rain!
Had to adjust pattern to shorten the depth so had to miss out about 8 pattern rows or it would have been down to my nose. But I needed a plain black hat and in 2.5 hours I had one. Wore it last night - it does exactly what it says on the tin!
M cleaned out Boris/Doris, who has a wonderful trait of shitting all over the glass front of the tank. Being arboreal she pops up from her web behind the cork bark (what's she's sitting on in this photo) pokes out her arse and sprays/splatters white goo! She hid whilst the tank was being cleaned and then emerged to inspect from her favourite vantage point.

I have been spinning some wonderful caramel Alpaca fluff - it is so light and airy it truly is fluff not fibre. It's interesting just how wonderful tonal it is and I am loving it.

Am still coughing my lungs up. It's awful (worse than spider poo!) I am fed up and want it to end now - I coughed so hard the other evening I strained my groin. M is coughing too and is getting pretty fed as well.

Am reading a bit, knitting a bit, going out a bit - but am still very weary feeling. So am allowing that to be where I am and am patiently waiting to feel back to normal.

Went out last night - jolly. But was amazed how many houses had the Xmas decorations up - on 30/11 - WTF! Still in Grouch/Ebenezer stage of my Xmas prep - I love the holiday for J's sake but hate the commercialised shit that accompanies it. No cards this year again - but will donate what I'd normally spend on cards/postage to charity - as I did last year. I still send to family and J likes to send some to his friends - but the rest I'd rather spare a few trees and the recycling plant and do good somewhere else.

Am off the brave the world and spread a few germs no doubt - have a restful/fun weekend Peeps.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Finished at last!

abc1 005
Originally uploaded by loobles2002

All spun and done. The last skein is now hanging (weighted) up to dry - the total weight out of 200g of fibre is 202g of handspun.

Sorry for the boring background (kitchen work surface) but it is dull grey here and hissing down. The colours are more muted and subtle in real life but still oh so pretty......just like me *guffaw-guffaw*.

"I'll give you two socks."

"But they may not match."
"But the close-ups are pretty - even without a match!"
(sung to 'Green grow the rushes-O') :-D

'Oh yes there has been some knitting, there has been some knitting today' ......OMG brain caught in old songs - I just typed that to 'Yes we have no bananas' playing in my head. Make it stop - NOW!

Sorry - I'm OK now.

Above two 1/2 pairs of socks. M's lozenge socks in STR 'Storm' and No-Purl Monkey's in Colinette Jitterbug 'Fire'.

I've cast on before in Jitterbug and also ripped out what I've knit just because, really. This is my 1st completed sock in it -'s ok-ish. But boy is it mean yarn - in yardage terms. If I knit Monkey socks in Lorna's Laces I can get 1.5 socks from a skein (more if it's a plain sock). When I finished this sock last night I weighed the remains of the ball - just to make sure I had enough yarn to make number 2 - the ball looked too small. One sock had used 46g - that's unheard for my size feet!!! The STR has a similar feel and weight as it knits and I got M's sock (UK size 8 - so 3 sizes bigger than me) out of 1 skein and still have 62g left for sock 2. It just doesn't make sense. If you've got big feet - then Jitterbug sure will work out expensive for socks!

I love the colours they make and I do have another skein in 'Mist' in my stash - but I have to say I won't be hurrying to buy more.


The last of the red/orange/pink merino silk from P&M bought at Lewes is spun and is 2/3 plied - wheeeeeeeeee - I got my mojo back!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

What could be better?.......

Then when you're fighting off the lurgy to knit a bacteria to make you feel better!

My son adores and collects Giant Microbes - he has loads of them, he writes comics about their super hero adventures, so when I saw this pattern online - I couldn't resist!

The pattern can be found via or (I think) via Ravelry. It took just over an hour to make and has been named Fiddly - cos when J asked what I was knitting I answered "Something fiddly!" The pattern isn't at all difficult - just a tad 'fiddly' to begin with.

I used 3.25mm dpns and some DK weight that I had hand dyed with KoolAid.

J thinks he is cool! That makes me a happy Mum - I foresee more of these in my future - maybe Xmas stocking fillers?

I also finished sock 1 of M's Lozenge Socks last night - time to cast on for number 2.

Friday, November 23, 2007

No-purl Monkey Socks

masocks 002
Originally uploaded by loobles2002

Finally finished. I must have been bad not to want to knit socks!!

These are for my Mum. Knitted on 2.5mm ebony dpns in Reggia Kaffe Fassett Sock Yarn - used about 65g in total to make UK size 5 socks.

Almost got them to match....but naah - who cares!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

A little better - thank you.

Wow have I been ill? I actually had to take to my bed (unheard of!!). Whatever this bug is - it's a nasty one. Coughing until I choke, stomach cramps, sickness - both ends, aches and a killer headache. And although I am a lot better today (still have stomach cramps & cough) I feel so weak - it is ridiculous.

I haven't wanted to do anything - no knitting, spinning, reading etc. I've either slept or just sat. M & J have been wonderful.

So I've nothing to tell and nothing to show. So you can have this instead........

Something told the wild geese
It was time to go,
Though the fields lay golden
Something whispered, 'Snow!'
Leaves were green and stirring,
Berries lustre-glossed,
But beneath warm feathers
Something cautioned, 'Frost!'

All the sagging orchards
Steamed with amber spice,
But each wild beast stiffened
At remembered ice.
Something told the wild geese
It was time to fly -
Summer sun was on their wings,
Winter in their cry.

(Something told the wild geese - Rachel Field)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ooooo it hurts

Deary me, this chest infection is awful. I feel like my breast bone area is being scrapped away with hot razor blades. I have a hacking....and I mean really hacking cough and a headache from all the coughing.

Poor M is coping so well and J is helping (kinda) and I am a wilting lack lustre weary willy who looks and feels like all is fine here then ;-)

Little knitting - but no energy or enthusiasm - ditto for spinning. Am reading a bit and moaning a lot.

Normal blogging will resume when I rejoin the land of living.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Smokey balls

clay ones of course!
M has been experimenting with smoke/pit firing on some of his carved spheres. I like the effects. Though I don't think my crap photographic skills do them justice at all. The colours are way more subtle than the flash allowed.
I have little knitting to show. Here is a purl-free Monkey (the pattern idea is on Ravelry). The yarn is Reggia - Kaffe Fassett (?sp) - the socks are for Ma so are a bit big for my blockers as she has long toes.
Close up of stitch and colorway.

Still ill - and still fed up with being ill.

Off to veg and feel sorry for myself.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


After battling off a head cold last week, the boy grobblies got to my weakened state and have invaded my being. I have the worst cough. Honest to jeebers I sound like a pack of baying hounds crossed with Lauren Bacall right now. It would be kind of sexy but for the fact that every so often my voices cracks, squeaks and then hits my boots - my germ spreading son asked 'was my voice breaking?' - cheeky brat.

There is of the course the plus side of having a cold and a bunged up hooter -" what is that?" I hear the masses of people who read by blog (snort) cry............

I can't smell Dalmatian farts! And anyone who lives with a large, old and gaseous dog knows that a respite from that can be a boon to everyday life.

How's that for looking on the bright side?

I am now going to ensconce my ample booty onto the squishy sofa, catch up on listening to Escape Pod and the Dragon Pages on iTunes and knit me some socks! I might move to make tea but then again I may just dispatch the aforementioned germ carrier to do it for me.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday picture show

Bonkers loves him some Chirpy mouse.
Looking up the cliffs to the sky.
Turning tide revealing the rock pools.
A fishing seagull.

From summer 2007 - flowers and fishes at Groombridge.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Such a perfect day....

In all the hustle, bustle and crap of daily life it is easy to forget just how lovely living by the coast can be.

The first two photos show what the sea does to chalk on the beach. I love the texture and colour of these two shots.
They were taken looking down onto the beach from the undercliff walk heading toward Saltdean.
This is the undercliff - with my bonce in the foreground. We walked from Rottingdean to where the undercliff walk runs out just around Telscombe - the furthest cliff in the distance in the above photo.

Looking back toward Rottingdean, Ovingdean and Brighton. The sun was warm, the sea mellow and the breeze light but enough to keep you cool as you walked. We saw a myriad of birds, including gulls and pigeons but also Kestrel, Shags, Wagtails, Oyster Catchers, Jackdaws and a couple we couldn't name.
We walked out on the groynes, skimmed pebbles and sat for a while just enjoying the calm, warm afternoon......bliss.
Slightly backwards here - but this morning we went to Shoreham Farmers Market - lovely little market - friendly, interesting with good live music. We met up with, quite by chance, a couple of J's cousins and their parents and ambled quite happily tasting and buying as we went. I visited the LYS got the black wool DK I need for an afghan that I'm slowly crocheting and some Reggia Kaffe Fasset sock yarn......likely to be an Xmas giftie for Ma - just can't decide whether to knit her socks or write her a pattern and give her the yarn to knit herself.....I shall give it some thought.
At the market we bought - some Huss for dinner - strange the other night we were saying how rare it is to get Huss in the Fish-n-Chippy, but as kids it was a common choice - we also got some fresh lavender oil from a local grower, goats cheese with garlic, wheaten/soda bread and some wonderful Venison sausages from a local farm (which we ate with the bread for lunch). J splurged out on some of his favourite local produced crystallized ginger - which he kindly shared with us.
Now back home, feeling a happy tired kind of invigoration - looking forward to what tomorrow might hold!