Saturday, November 10, 2007

Such a perfect day....

In all the hustle, bustle and crap of daily life it is easy to forget just how lovely living by the coast can be.

The first two photos show what the sea does to chalk on the beach. I love the texture and colour of these two shots.
They were taken looking down onto the beach from the undercliff walk heading toward Saltdean.
This is the undercliff - with my bonce in the foreground. We walked from Rottingdean to where the undercliff walk runs out just around Telscombe - the furthest cliff in the distance in the above photo.

Looking back toward Rottingdean, Ovingdean and Brighton. The sun was warm, the sea mellow and the breeze light but enough to keep you cool as you walked. We saw a myriad of birds, including gulls and pigeons but also Kestrel, Shags, Wagtails, Oyster Catchers, Jackdaws and a couple we couldn't name.
We walked out on the groynes, skimmed pebbles and sat for a while just enjoying the calm, warm afternoon......bliss.
Slightly backwards here - but this morning we went to Shoreham Farmers Market - lovely little market - friendly, interesting with good live music. We met up with, quite by chance, a couple of J's cousins and their parents and ambled quite happily tasting and buying as we went. I visited the LYS got the black wool DK I need for an afghan that I'm slowly crocheting and some Reggia Kaffe Fasset sock yarn......likely to be an Xmas giftie for Ma - just can't decide whether to knit her socks or write her a pattern and give her the yarn to knit herself.....I shall give it some thought.
At the market we bought - some Huss for dinner - strange the other night we were saying how rare it is to get Huss in the Fish-n-Chippy, but as kids it was a common choice - we also got some fresh lavender oil from a local grower, goats cheese with garlic, wheaten/soda bread and some wonderful Venison sausages from a local farm (which we ate with the bread for lunch). J splurged out on some of his favourite local produced crystallized ginger - which he kindly shared with us.
Now back home, feeling a happy tired kind of invigoration - looking forward to what tomorrow might hold!

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Batty said...

That's beautiful! You're right, running around and working and being busy can make us forget the basic goodness of life. Thanks for the reminder. If I weren't still coughing pretty badly, I'd take a long walk first thing tomorrow morning. There's nothing like moving through nature to lift one's spirits (at least it works for me).