Friday, November 09, 2007

That was the week that was

Kyla handwarmers/mittens completed. Nice pattern - knits up well. This picture actually gives a truer colour representation.
One of the best Conkers McBonkers pictures ever. I was making the bean bag rustle out of sight - this is his intent but too idle to pounce face.

Other stuff.

Both J and I have had colds, his is streaming with a bark like a hound in pain, mine is a head cold. I feel a bit better today and J is OK in himself except for the 'snot-n-woof' that remains. Due to this we've had a really quiet week - no swimming, no walks etc but J has read loads and built with Lego etc. He was too ill for anything else so all my weeks HE plans have been carried over to next week. It now looks like M is coming down with this for the weekend - poor bloke - he's on call too.

I've done loads of indoor stuff -interspersed with huge bouts of sleeping - lots of spinning, catching up on podcasts (though EscapePod still needs some attention) and some knitting. We've made homemade bread, including J's fav ....cinnamon and raisin. We made huge pans of homemade soup. So although we've been poorly and indoors - it still feels as if it's been a really full week.

Today I have a mountainous pile of ironing, quite a bit of housework (before the weekend laziness sets in), knitting that I am desperate to spend time with and a new book that is calling me.........

Tomorrow, if we are all well, is our favourite local farmers market (right in front of my LYS - whee) so something to look forward after a week in seclusion.

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glittrgirl said...

I LOVES me some Conkers!