Thursday, November 01, 2007

Brain farts and botty burps.

Cos that's just what sort of a week it's been so far!

Here is our spooky carved.........wait for it................wait a bit more........melon!!

Because Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury and our local farm shop had ALL sold out of pumpkins. But it worked. It was much easier and quicker to carve, we ate some the scooped out flesh as a starter and used the rest in our smoothie this morning. We had a smaller Halloween celebration this year mainly due to the fact that I'm going through a 'can't be asked' phase, J is a bit older and wasn't as psyched by it all and both M and I are having a shitty week so our enthusiasm was muted.

M did buy me a bit of dressing up (although my heart just wasn't in it) but looksie, stick on black nails with skulls on. I don't know why he thinks I like skulls!! *rolls eyes* just joking. I did wear my wig and devil horns for a while and we decorated the kitchen with many spooky bits n bobs. M cooked a creepy meal of craniums, maggots in distilled yak pee, fingers and brain mash with bogeys or in non-halloween-ese (large Yorkshire puddings filled with onion gravy, sausages, mashed tatties with fresh thyme and peas). Dinner time chit-chat comprised of us trying gross the others out - good clean fun.
The fibre I bought last week in process of being spun. Tis lush and spins like a dream - so pretty!

This time of year is a difficult one - made harder this year by the loss of M's Mum (which I still don't feel either of us have come close to coming to terms with and all sorts of weird shit is still going on), this time of year also marks the anniversary of both of us loosing our Dads too. M's is only a few a years ago, mine is a lot longer, but harder to forget because every year as the fireworks start being let off it refreshes the memory that he died on Bonfire night (also the day before his and Ma's 34th wedding anniversary!). So I'm in a bit of a fug and have lost about 80% of my tolerance level - local fuckwits beware - you may get your head bitten off it you say the wrong thing in the next few days.

Also we have some difficult decisions to make - hmmm if the NTS ever actually make a decision - what should have been clear cut is now more muddied by recent developments - when is life ever going to be simple eh?

Anyhoo, enough of the blah, blah - I just thought I'd explain the lack of enthusiasm before some well meaning anon commenter accused me of ruining my child's life with my psychosis again!

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