Saturday, November 03, 2007

With all these posts Monsieur....

you are really spoiling us. *sighs* sometimes I wonder if my sad attempts of wit on this blog are pearls before swine ;-)

Here are some works in progress (wip's). First up, Natural Dye Studio Alpaca (gifted last year from Helen at I made socks from just one skein and have been waiting for a project to present itself for skein 2. Inspired by
and her post of 01/11, I cast on for Kyla handwarmers (these are a gift knit). I must admit to having yet another brain fart episode as it took 3, yes 3, cast on's before I was happy with it. This wonderful pattern is free and can be found here

They are very, very pretty and will make the perfect gift for the person I have in mind.

Wip numero 2. The two skeins of contrasting SeaSilk is knitting into a stole/wrap of my own design - tres purty!
Numbers 3 & 4 - dunahhhhhhh socksies. The pale pastel ones are lace of own design and are knitting up in Opal dye your own from a batch I did last year - again these are labelled to be gifties the others are Socks that Rock in Storm (gained from a swap on Ravelry) and are a 'lozenge rib made up pattern as I go along' design for M - cos the colours are perfect for him.

So now - yarn stuff and wip's are all up to date - except for some crochet. I still have two large wip's (the rib cardi & Sahara) that are under construction and a scarfy type beaded thingy from some handspun - but that's it. All other o/s works are now complete or frogged.....hurrah!

Off now to get some black yarn for the crochet, some claw clippers for the Dalmatian and then back to dig over the veggie patch and bury pots in it for M's pit firing ala Bonfire night next Monday.

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Batty said...

Wow, those are all gorgeous!