Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Smokey balls

clay ones of course!
M has been experimenting with smoke/pit firing on some of his carved spheres. I like the effects. Though I don't think my crap photographic skills do them justice at all. The colours are way more subtle than the flash allowed.
I have little knitting to show. Here is a purl-free Monkey (the pattern idea is on Ravelry). The yarn is Reggia - Kaffe Fassett (?sp) - the socks are for Ma so are a bit big for my blockers as she has long toes.
Close up of stitch and colorway.

Still ill - and still fed up with being ill.

Off to veg and feel sorry for myself.


Mtwelovett said...

Tell Mike his pots are gorgeous as usual!!!! And your socks are pretty too.

Hope you are all well.

Jo said...

Love Mike's Balls (phanarrrrr!) No but they're really great, and love that Kaffe Fassat yarn, monkeys look good too, sorry you're still not well {{{{hugs}}}}