Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday picture show

Bonkers loves him some Chirpy mouse.
Looking up the cliffs to the sky.
Turning tide revealing the rock pools.
A fishing seagull.

From summer 2007 - flowers and fishes at Groombridge.


Batty said...

Bonkers is a cutie! I want to be that comfy and relaxed. I think I'd purr too.

Anonymous said...

Why no pictures of McBonkers outside? Only Anon as Lazy - Taffo?

peri said...

Hi Anon-Lazy

Have no idea what taffo means!

But to answer your ?

Conkers is a rescue cat who'd been treated extremely cruelly - including being starved whilst being shut out for days and nights on end in the middle of winter at 6 months old.

We adopted him on the understanding that he would be kept as a house cat....ergo indoors only. He is terrified of outdoors. Our previous cats were indoors too - due to location - so we are used to having indoor cats.

He is happy, loved, spoilt, content and healthy.

Ma's cat (also rescue) that lives with us - has always been an indoor cat too - so he has a playmate!

P :-)

Jo said...

I think Lazy Taffo is a welsh person! Just a shot in the dark...I may be completly away with the fairies, amd if so apologies anon! Great photos, great textures, we're doing texture at the moment at college!

glittrgirl said...

Conkers! I LOVES me some Conkers! Greebie is a house cat too. Very content he is.