Saturday, June 26, 2010

Masham x Shetland

I bought two carded (semi?) batts of this at Woolfest last year. I have finished 2/3 of first batt. It is difficult because my skin dislikes the oils in this fibre and although I love it Shetland fibre/wool doesn't like me much. In the end I broke up the batt and gave it more carding on my hand carders and made rolags. I wanted a thick/thin spin with the odd slub - and that is how it's come out. The above was before washing etc.

The picture below is after soaking in Eucalan for  30+ mins and then dyed with a hard mix of the grape Koolaid (thank you Wibbo). I intentionally made two dye blends, one weaker than the other, it worked and I am happy with the effect.

My hands will need a little recovery before I hand card and spin anymore - this is deffo a long term project.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's starting to grow.

Actually, it's quite a bigger than this picture already. I've not really worked on anything else in the last few days (a bit of spinning - that's all). I'm loving it.

The hexagons are all sock yarn scraps and the edging is a Rowan Merino 4 ply.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Up a tree.....

fiddlely-diddlely, up a tree. That's the place, the place I long to be.....

If you could see the bottom of the tree, you would see two little terriers trying their hardest to climb up after him, hence the very superior look.

Love me some Conkers.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Polly Jean.

Polly Jean socks by M J Kim.

Started May 2010 finished today - they need washing and blocking.

Knitted for SIL UK size 5.

Yarn - undyed Trekking hand dyed by Pie in 2009.

Needs - 2 x 2.75mm circs.

Another one from my Saddo's Sock Club - done!

Background flowers are 'Love in the Mist' aka 'Fuck in the Fog.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Busy splash of colour

Some colours just work and they shouldn't but they do.

I've recently rediscovered my lost love of needlepoint - it has never been about the image but about the colour.

I've posted my other needlepoint that I'm working on here.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Pinkypurpley handspun

Handspun single ply pure merino wool - colour ranges from from quite a rich purple through pink, lilac and mauve then onto a smokey kind of blue.

Navajo plied. This is 1/2 the amount of fibre approx 49g and tested in 3 places averages out at 16/17 wpi so around a fingering weight yarn. Onto to the next batch.

Monday, June 07, 2010

A new blog

Hmmmmm fancied a change - so I've made a new blog for 'other' stuff -  it's here - this one will continue mainly for my knitting, spinning and handicrafts but all the other old crap will be at my 'waffling' blog.

You're welcome to visit, comment etc.

Friday, June 04, 2010

A brief return

With some knitting. The 'Heart Sachet' from Interweave Press - pattern by Vicki Sever. I made one of these the year the pattern was published and it'ss looking a little worse for wear (see next picture). So I decided, as I was in the mood for a quick knit, to make a replacement yesterday. It's knitted in Koigu PPM on 2.25mm needles. Stuffed with wadding and dried lavender from our garden last year - which still smells really strong. I knit it in about 2 hours in total and love the construction of this pattern, it is very clever and looks great.
The beads are glass ones from my stash - the yarn has brief flashes of pale and kingfisher blue so they work IRL.


Here is the original (maybe 5 years old - I've lost track of time). It needs unpicking and restuffing and is also in need of a wash. The colours have lasted well - I still have a scrap of this balled up and there is very little difference in the colours at all. It is dusty though and no longer smells of lavender.

I do love Koigu for the colours - lovely.

Finally a word about my summer hiatus. I will most likely post sporadically but I don't like being on the computer in the summer so instead of a few posts a week it will be when I have some specific to share or when the mood takes me. So for now.......................................................................................

it's back to the fishing.