Monday, February 27, 2006

PJ's, pizza and marshmallows!

The title describes the L family Sunday Slob-a-thon. We were going to go out for the day but decided it was too dang cold. So we cranked up the heating and stayed in our PJ's. J chose the menu so bacon butties for brekkie, pizza for lunch and hot chocolate with marshmallows throughout the day. The boys played on the PS2 and I knitted (the results of which can be seen below). I also finished a 2nd Airy scarf but haven't taken piccies yet. It was a brilliant day. J said it was the best day he'd ever had (all the money we've wasted taking him places in the past *sheesh*). It was very relaxing. I can't remember the last time I did something like that. I've already been informed that he'd like a repeat of it soon and all I can say is "Fine by me!"

Everyone else had a new hat, so I made one for me and some wristwarmers as well. The yarn was sent to me last year and is from Wool in the Woods - the colours are gorgeous, much better in reality. Posted by Picasa

A heap of cousins in a messy room - normal day at our house! Posted by Picasa

Ipod cosy. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A trip down memory lane.

Yesterday on Amazon I found a copy of a book that as a child was one that helped to inspire me and encouraged me to love reading. It's written By John Cunliffe (Rosie & Jim/Postman Pat) who at the time worked at the Brighton children's Library, it's Called "The Adventures of Lord Pip". I remembered that this book got checked out of the library almost every other visit but I never owned a copy. So, seeing it for £1.50 on Amazon I decided to buy it. It was delivered this morning. I read it in an hour.

This book was published when I was three and OMG does it reflect just how much society has changed. Now it would be deemed probably too simplistic and it is politically incorrect in so many ways. But, it still made me happy, it still is a good tale and it bought back memories of that time in my life.

I hope J will read and enjoy it. I know he will accept the story for its own sake - he is not yet critical and sees the wonder of a good tale.

At the same time I ordered another book - for the princely sum of 1p. This was read to me when I was J's age by my class teacher and is by Harriet Graham called "A Fox Under my Jacket" - hopefully it will arrive in the next few days. It was this book that started my descent into being an avid reader. I woke before anyone else one Sunday, grabbed this book and sat in the lounge with it, waiting for the rest of house to wake up. I didn't stir until I finished it. It was a compulsion to get to the end of the book - a compulsion that remains to this day. I think J will love this book and I can't wait to revisit it.

I have found so much pleasure remembering books from my childhood and introducing them to J. We have read so many and I still find immense pleasure inchildren'ss stories.

PS I tried to post a piccie of the book - but Blogger is not playing ball this arvo and I got fed up with fiddling about - so a pictureless post I'm afraid.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I know another post - OMG like I haven't got other stuff to do, but procrastination rules!

Anyhoo, last night we took J to see the Kodo Drummers at the Dome and it was amazing. M and I last saw them about 15 years ago and the experience was such a good one that we wanted to share it with J. He was amazed that he could feel the drums and that they made so many different sounds. The giant drum D'aiko (sp?) was just 'Wow!' The energy of the performance and the joy of the performers made it a spectacle that I think will stay with him for such a long time. I felt so proud of him as he read the programme and then explained to me about the different pieces of music and also that he recognised the style of Japanese writing on the wagon that supports the giant drum (it's a least 2 years since we looked at Japanese script).

As a home-ed parent I think experiences like these are so important and can often fire an interest in a subject that is self-directed, but beside all that, the enjoyment of sharing this as a family and having J dance along side us as we walked back to the car made of brilliant evening even more special.

Another goody from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. M has been moaning his ears get cold so I made him a titfer. The brown is a cashmere mix, the other two are scraps of Cascase 220. I normally hate knitting hats but this one was a breeze. Posted by Picasa

2nd FO in a week - now that's scary! Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 20, 2006

Airy scarf from 'Last Minute Knitted Gifts' Posted by Picasa

At last...........some knitting!

Proof at last that I do knit. This KSH Airy took me 4 hours and 30 mins to knit yesterday and it blocked beautifully last night. The photo does not do the colour justice.

I just had to make something from this book and this was calling to me. This is a pattern I can't wait to play around with and make variations on a theme.

(Thank you to Ma for holding it whilst I took piccies).

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Little bits of stuff

OK - *soapbox* bit. Why can't people just be nice to each other? It's a sad state of affairs that online forums and blogs are used to ridicule, insult and bully. I thought I'd left that all behind when I left school, nope found it in the work place. No longer work, found it with the Mums in the playground. Home-ed my son now, I find it not with his little friends or their parents but in the virtual world and by knitters of all people. Well it sucks! I will not be drawn into this shit, but I will state my opinions when I feel strongly enough about something and I will not be intimidated - so don't even think about trying it, because it won't work and I'll turn round and bite back.

So....nuff said. *puts soapbox away - plasters happy face back on*

I adore my son. He is so special. He is so clever. I'm having a proud Mommy moment. Yesterday was a busy day culminating in him and M going to the Model show to see real, live Daleks. He was soooo good and so inspired by what he experienced that this morning he remodeled a Lego Dalek he built a few weeks back -which was already astounding - to have opening sections like the ones he saw. He engineered, he problem solved and he delivered the goods. The first we knew of it was when he appeared with it in our bedroom. He also had stripped the sheets from his bed and set the breakfast table with no-one asking him to. So big-up to J - you've made me even prouder than usual.

Knitting - swamped as I am in WIP's I am making good progress but have not been as dedicated as usual as I have been distracted by life. It is my intention to remedy this and kick my ample arse into gear and get some knitting done!

Study - took a few days off. Head not in the right place with Buster etc. Will start my essay next week. So don't expect too much blog activity, unless I'm No!

So that's about it so far. I'm off to eat brunch before having a marathon tidy followed by a bit of knitting.

PS - any home-edders out there?...Did you get the current EO mag? Did you find the article by the guy from Ireland inspiring? I did. He put what we feel so perfectly and reassured us that the freedom we allow our son is the right way. I found the whole thing liberating. I enjoy being with J and seeing him having such a happy childhood, when I was his age, the bullying was starting and I lost a large chunk of my childhood. I feel revitalised by what I have read .. so if you haven't read it yet, take the time's worth it.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Spoilt baby.

Spoilt rotten - that's me. Numero uno - thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes - y'all added to the happiness of my day.

A day which started with my brekkie being brought to me - freshly made pineapple smoothie with hot briochet. Gifties and cards - M's card was so funny I had tears of laughter. J had got me a gorgeous pair of earrings and a bracelet - copper tones - very pretty. My Ma bought me a whole heap of my favourite bodyshop products - I smell so yummy. Big Sis - sung to me down the phone which made me smile. Had a lazy start - lots of post - cups of tea and finishing my book - whilst the M housework fairy whisked about.

I was then presented with a delicious lunch - not too heavy- a light repast (hehe). Then I spent my afternoon buying lots of yummy things with birthday money and being bought numerous other pressies by M - including a platinum ring and earrings *gulp*.

I decided I'd like to have a family meal at home - as had my period and didn't fancy dressing up and hitting the town - though M did offer. He made me an amazing meal - Orkney crab, tiger prawns, wholemeal bread, avocado and salad - all my favourites. We had pink champagne and for puds meringues with fresh raspberries and half fat cream. I waddled up the stairs, replete and happy. We spent a romantic evening (though I did pop into the Knitty chat - cos Yarner (Deb) was in there and I couldn't resist) guzzling fizzy and M then produced strawberries wrapped in white chocolate - I have a drawstring waist on my troos today - because I haven't eaten so much in ages....pig!

The only moment of sadness was when M served up the crab and didn't get his legs clawed to pieces or sung to. I'm sure Buster was with us in spirit.

So pretty much a perfect birthday. And today (I should start on my essay) but I have the house to myself virtually all day and I did no knitting yesterday.....can you see where this is going? I have a bit of extra time to write my essay in. So I intend to read, watch the Olympics and knit today. I should exercise off yesterdays excess....mmmm how many calories does an hours knitting burn? I'll go for a run tomorrow, today I'm feeling uber lazy and have decided to go with how my body feels today.

Hope you all have a good/relaxing/exciting (choose the one that fits) weekend!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

A silver lining.

After a sad start to my week, look at how it's ending. This is a present from my sweet M (a day early - I know) for my birthday. Some LL's that I've been drooling over, new Opal sock yarn in green and pink - two of my fav colours, Last Minute Knitted Gifts and two fiction books that are knitting related - he is my hero! He also paid for my wonderful hairdresser Karen to come and give my hair a makeover today - so I'm now a lighter brunette with toffee and gold highlights just here and there. And apparently tomorrow I have suprises in store - I feel very spoilt and blessed today.

Also as the hairdresser came so early this morning and I was rushing about like a blue arsed fly, he hoovered and did the hard floors for me, he also cleaned the bathroom - double brownie points for my sweetie.

Lornas Laces - purty - so soft and squishy mmmmmmmmmm. Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 13, 2006

Mr Naughty McNaughty of Naughty Towers, Naughty Lane, Naughty Town in the district of Very Very Naughty. (Xmas 2005 - with his Xmas catnip mouse). Posted by Picasa

Sir Buster of Boyzel - he of the fluffy pantaloons and the magnificient whiskers. Posted by Picasa

Buster - a tribute to a special life.

Buster is our black and white cat and he is sadly very ill. The vet has told us there is nothing they can do and as he is quite elderly we have made the difficult decision to have him put to sleep.

We got Buster almost 15 years ago - he was the naughtiest kitten in the world. Six months later my Dad died and I needed something to love and Buster was there. Naughty, but there. I had numerous miscarriages and needed something to cuddle and Buster was there. Naughty, but there. He trounced our Siamese on a regular basis and fell in love with our Dalmatian - a love affair which continues to this day. He played with the rabbit and ignored the rats. He was fat and fluffy and chewed my knitting needles every given opportunity. He sat his smelly little cat bum on my text books and clawed my bum most nights to wake me up because he was hungry at 3.00am.

Although I am sad - I know this is the right thing to do and am focusing on the postives of him being such a big part of my life.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

More yarn.

Look what I treated myself to today. The yarn is RYC luxury cotton (50% cotton, 45% viscose & 5% silk) it has such a sheen. The picture at the back is what I intend to make with it, the pattern is called Florence. The flash has washed the colours out they are much brighter, perfect for spring and summer. I'm itching to cast on.....but I have so many WIP' what the f**k where are my needles ;0)

A wonderful piccie of Boris (Doris?) the bold - he's soooo fluffy. Makes you want to take him to bed and cuddle him! Posted by Picasa

J had a hold of Dolly-dots today. She is such a gentle and docile tarantula, she just sat there all quiet and calm. J was quiet and calm too - first time for everything!! Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 10, 2006

Mmmmmm yarn pr0n - Debbie Bliss Maya - in a yummy colour. Destined to be a bag - Booga, French Market or another Torvesta - decisions, decisions........ Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Green turtle and a large octopus.

Yesterday J (some friends) and I went to the Sealife Centre on Brighton seafront. I have so many memories of this site when it was the Brighton Aquarium & Dolphinarium. My Nana would take me every year as she loved the dolphins, it was the highlight of my summer and instilled a life long love of marine wildlife. Now the dolphins, seals and sealions are long gone and much of the creatures there are indigenous to UK coastal waters. But they have the odd exotic creature from far flung shores including a large green turtle called Lulu. It was close to feeding time yesterday so Lulu was at the front of the huge shark pool where she lives. Her movement through the water was majestic and I stood enthralled (ignoring the nagging of kiddies to hurry up), my patience was rewarded when she slowed in front me, lifted her head out of the water and eyeballed me - took my breath away. Then as we walked through the underwater tunnel she swam right about our heads - amazing.

Now the Sealife is a bit dear (we got an online voucher which saved us £8.00) and in the past I've felt it to be a bit shabby (compared to childhood memories) but yesterday they came up trumps twice. Dazed and amazed from Lulu we then walked into the cephalapod (?) area where they had a giant octopus. I have a morbid fascination for these creatures, mainly after getting on hooked around my leg in Cyprus one year - I am told I walked on water that day ;0) anyway, this octi had a body/head larger than mine and a tentacle span at least as wide as my arm span. It was an amazing reddy brown with golden eyes and its suckers were the size of toffees. It suckered itself to the glass right in front of me at eyelevel and I received my 2nd eyeballing of the day. I was suckered (haha) and mesmorized by this awesome being.

The kids had a great time and for once so did I. We walked for about 3 hours, ate an amazingItalian lunch and just had fun.

No time for study or knitting though because by the time I got home I was totally knackered out.

Friday, February 03, 2006

2 in 1 day!

Warning - political stylie type content.

Go to read it and if your think this is important sign your name to the petition - thank you.
As I sit here musing about what to write I can see the dog making her bed. This entails much digging and nosing of said bed, until she has chased it all around the room . She stops, sits and checks her bits, gets up and does it all again and again until she finds the perfect spot, normally in the middle of the floor or in front of the bathroom doorway. It's brilliant when she does this during the night because you get up for a pee and measure your length, head first into the bathroom, headbutting the swing doors on route as you trip over a sleepy dalamatian. The dog then panics and leaps up as you hop on one leg, because you've stubbed your toe on the bath, trying hard not to shout "Fucking hell!" as loud as you can. Your husband then mumbles "What, what's the matter with you? I'm trying to sleep." followed by a deafening snore. You settle the dog back down in a safe position. You finally have your pee by now you are freezing your metaphorical nuts off and you are so awake you know that sleep will be a long time in returning. Ps - this whole event is even more traumatic if you're stark bollock naked to boot! The moral of this tale - there isn't one other than life is a bitch.

Anyway, the dog is now asleep. The boy is tidying his room (this means he's picking stuff up, moving it 2cm and putting it back down again), Ma has left the building (that's why it's so quiet), DH is at work and I ...... well I have finished my weeks study. I have a little ironing to attend to, a smidge of housework and that's it. Nothing, nil, nada, a day without barriers, timings or anything. So as I have been an almost knitfree zone for the last 2 weeks (illness+study=no knitting time) I think I might just spend a goodly portion of the day on my rotund arse doing a bit of wool torture. What about you? How will you spend your day?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Oh poo!

I cocked up my sock - something I have never done. I had to frog the dang thing - so fed up with having a cotton wool brain still. Perhaps it's because I feel I'm still catching up on my sleep.

J's eye test was cancelled today - the optician was off sick and had to go....wait for the...
eye hospital! They had no other available appts until a week today, short-sighted of them I say.

So the burglar alarm had its annual service today..nice chap...but he shuts all the doors says "Don't open them." So you have 3 adults, 1 boy and 3 dogs all standing in the hall, whilst said lanky geezer goes round opening doors and checking sensors to make sure they go beep. Riveting stuff! M needed the loo, J needed stuff in his bedroom and I needed to get back on the computer *sigh* these things are sent to try us.

Went into town *fanfare* first time in months. This has raised the question 'do you need to be clinically depressed or a nutter to work in W H Smiths? Honest, it was being so cheerful that kept the women who served me going. She reminded me of a dinner lady - yelling at the queue - "Next please!" Isn't nice when people are happy in their work?

I hate shopping centres they are so full of people - ugh! The worst was M dragged me into Game - that shop is full of weirdos.

Enough for now - it's time to watch the penis programme on Ch4 - should be delightful ;0)