Sunday, February 19, 2006

Little bits of stuff

OK - *soapbox* bit. Why can't people just be nice to each other? It's a sad state of affairs that online forums and blogs are used to ridicule, insult and bully. I thought I'd left that all behind when I left school, nope found it in the work place. No longer work, found it with the Mums in the playground. Home-ed my son now, I find it not with his little friends or their parents but in the virtual world and by knitters of all people. Well it sucks! I will not be drawn into this shit, but I will state my opinions when I feel strongly enough about something and I will not be intimidated - so don't even think about trying it, because it won't work and I'll turn round and bite back.

So....nuff said. *puts soapbox away - plasters happy face back on*

I adore my son. He is so special. He is so clever. I'm having a proud Mommy moment. Yesterday was a busy day culminating in him and M going to the Model show to see real, live Daleks. He was soooo good and so inspired by what he experienced that this morning he remodeled a Lego Dalek he built a few weeks back -which was already astounding - to have opening sections like the ones he saw. He engineered, he problem solved and he delivered the goods. The first we knew of it was when he appeared with it in our bedroom. He also had stripped the sheets from his bed and set the breakfast table with no-one asking him to. So big-up to J - you've made me even prouder than usual.

Knitting - swamped as I am in WIP's I am making good progress but have not been as dedicated as usual as I have been distracted by life. It is my intention to remedy this and kick my ample arse into gear and get some knitting done!

Study - took a few days off. Head not in the right place with Buster etc. Will start my essay next week. So don't expect too much blog activity, unless I'm No!

So that's about it so far. I'm off to eat brunch before having a marathon tidy followed by a bit of knitting.

PS - any home-edders out there?...Did you get the current EO mag? Did you find the article by the guy from Ireland inspiring? I did. He put what we feel so perfectly and reassured us that the freedom we allow our son is the right way. I found the whole thing liberating. I enjoy being with J and seeing him having such a happy childhood, when I was his age, the bullying was starting and I lost a large chunk of my childhood. I feel revitalised by what I have read .. so if you haven't read it yet, take the time's worth it.


Allie said...

Yes, that article is really good. I loved the bit about the boy 'walking round and round the table like a monk'. You never know what's going on in your kids' minds - and then suddenly they amaze you! J is such an engineer - and a lovely boy too.

Cledry said...

Couldn't agree more about the net being used to bully etc.

I home ed'd my eldest son for a while as he has adhd and wasn't coping in mainstream school. He's at college now and a boy to be proud of (though he has his teenage moments). All power to you for home educating :)