Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Green turtle and a large octopus.

Yesterday J (some friends) and I went to the Sealife Centre on Brighton seafront. I have so many memories of this site when it was the Brighton Aquarium & Dolphinarium. My Nana would take me every year as she loved the dolphins, it was the highlight of my summer and instilled a life long love of marine wildlife. Now the dolphins, seals and sealions are long gone and much of the creatures there are indigenous to UK coastal waters. But they have the odd exotic creature from far flung shores including a large green turtle called Lulu. It was close to feeding time yesterday so Lulu was at the front of the huge shark pool where she lives. Her movement through the water was majestic and I stood enthralled (ignoring the nagging of kiddies to hurry up), my patience was rewarded when she slowed in front me, lifted her head out of the water and eyeballed me - took my breath away. Then as we walked through the underwater tunnel she swam right about our heads - amazing.

Now the Sealife is a bit dear (we got an online voucher which saved us £8.00) and in the past I've felt it to be a bit shabby (compared to childhood memories) but yesterday they came up trumps twice. Dazed and amazed from Lulu we then walked into the cephalapod (?) area where they had a giant octopus. I have a morbid fascination for these creatures, mainly after getting on hooked around my leg in Cyprus one year - I am told I walked on water that day ;0) anyway, this octi had a body/head larger than mine and a tentacle span at least as wide as my arm span. It was an amazing reddy brown with golden eyes and its suckers were the size of toffees. It suckered itself to the glass right in front of me at eyelevel and I received my 2nd eyeballing of the day. I was suckered (haha) and mesmorized by this awesome being.

The kids had a great time and for once so did I. We walked for about 3 hours, ate an amazingItalian lunch and just had fun.

No time for study or knitting though because by the time I got home I was totally knackered out.


HazelNutcluster said...

What a great day. A true Aquarian, you're bonding with sealife :)

String Bean said...

What is that thing on the far left of your header? Is it a tarantula? I like your new header, but that thing creeps me out.

zib said...

WOO! Dig the new look!