Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A trip down memory lane.

Yesterday on Amazon I found a copy of a book that as a child was one that helped to inspire me and encouraged me to love reading. It's written By John Cunliffe (Rosie & Jim/Postman Pat) who at the time worked at the Brighton children's Library, it's Called "The Adventures of Lord Pip". I remembered that this book got checked out of the library almost every other visit but I never owned a copy. So, seeing it for £1.50 on Amazon I decided to buy it. It was delivered this morning. I read it in an hour.

This book was published when I was three and OMG does it reflect just how much society has changed. Now it would be deemed probably too simplistic and it is politically incorrect in so many ways. But, it still made me happy, it still is a good tale and it bought back memories of that time in my life.

I hope J will read and enjoy it. I know he will accept the story for its own sake - he is not yet critical and sees the wonder of a good tale.

At the same time I ordered another book - for the princely sum of 1p. This was read to me when I was J's age by my class teacher and is by Harriet Graham called "A Fox Under my Jacket" - hopefully it will arrive in the next few days. It was this book that started my descent into being an avid reader. I woke before anyone else one Sunday, grabbed this book and sat in the lounge with it, waiting for the rest of house to wake up. I didn't stir until I finished it. It was a compulsion to get to the end of the book - a compulsion that remains to this day. I think J will love this book and I can't wait to revisit it.

I have found so much pleasure remembering books from my childhood and introducing them to J. We have read so many and I still find immense pleasure inchildren'ss stories.

PS I tried to post a piccie of the book - but Blogger is not playing ball this arvo and I got fed up with fiddling about - so a pictureless post I'm afraid.

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