Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Oh poo!

I cocked up my sock - something I have never done. I had to frog the dang thing - so fed up with having a cotton wool brain still. Perhaps it's because I feel I'm still catching up on my sleep.

J's eye test was cancelled today - the optician was off sick and had to go....wait for the...
eye hospital! They had no other available appts until a week today, short-sighted of them I say.

So the burglar alarm had its annual service today..nice chap...but he shuts all the doors says "Don't open them." So you have 3 adults, 1 boy and 3 dogs all standing in the hall, whilst said lanky geezer goes round opening doors and checking sensors to make sure they go beep. Riveting stuff! M needed the loo, J needed stuff in his bedroom and I needed to get back on the computer *sigh* these things are sent to try us.

Went into town *fanfare* first time in months. This has raised the question 'do you need to be clinically depressed or a nutter to work in W H Smiths? Honest, it was being so cheerful that kept the women who served me going. She reminded me of a dinner lady - yelling at the queue - "Next please!" Isn't nice when people are happy in their work?

I hate shopping centres they are so full of people - ugh! The worst was M dragged me into Game - that shop is full of weirdos.

Enough for now - it's time to watch the penis programme on Ch4 - should be delightful ;0)

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Faerynuff said...

I missed the willy program - watched the boob one though (wow, 8 years old and still on the boob. Not my cup of char I can tell you!). A friend of mine fell asleep in front of the tv and woke up to a 13 inch member in its full floppy glory. Hilarious!

Glad you are feeling better and enjoyoing your studies again :)