Monday, January 30, 2006

Spiders abound and other stuff.

May I introduce to you - Humbug. He/it/she is a Giant Black and White Tarantula. As the tweezers give the piccie scale, you can see that at the mo Bumhug (as I like to call him) is only a spiderling and would fit on a 20p piece - weenie! He/it/she (lets choose he) arrived yesterday from the the wonderful shop in Cowplain called South Coast Inverbrates - the boys had a jolly jaunt down there and enjoyed choosing our next baby. I think J really fancied a Goliath Birdeater - maybe next time hmmm. Anyhoo Bumhug eats micro-crickets - now I've heard of everything. He dispatched two of them with great efficiency yesterday and also managed to maim a paint brush - he's one fierce hombre!

Other stuff....

Well Sp 6 starts this week - I have a new pal to spoil - but as yet am unclaimed by my secret pal *sigh* its only been a day but patience is not one of my strong points.

I feel a bit better - still snotty and tired but over the hump of it. Now it's just taking the time to recover fully.

I knitted a lovely scarf whilst ill - piccies will follow - it's a beautiful mauvey pink in moss and double wrap knit stitch. Also cast one to knit 2nd little shell sock - but no knitting this weekend as I had my nose in a rather good book or two. I ate lots of bad things likes chocolate and nuts, read and lazed about - yummalicious.

Managed to finished week 1 of my course. Heard from my tutor - seems nice. Will be attempting start of week 2 later today.

Have J's home-ed group today (hurrah - did that sound sincere - nope) I just don't like groups (forgive me Allie & Dani) but that's the way I am. They do my nut, but J is still in a quandary about remaining in the group (some fav friends have left) he still has some very close friends there but I think they are the only reason he wants to go. Oh well - such is life.

Having a hair, tattoo and piercing debate with myself - I'm 39 very soon and want a change to my look. I fancy going lighter again (have been dark for 14 months) plus I need to get my Madonna redone as I had to let it heal. But shall I go the whole hog and have another one as well or shall I finally get the tat I've been talking about getting for the last two years? Watch this space..... can you stand the tension?......Isn't this post exciting?.....Not!!!

Ta ta peeps xxxxx


HazelNutcluster said...

Well, as you're impatient I won't put off commenting for a minute longer. I'm not your SP though, I missed it this time.

Bumhug is so sweet :)

Pah! to meetings.

Am I being very dim and ancient by not knowing what a Madonna is? I don't do tatts or piercings, I'm strictly wholemeal, lol, but I'm all for encouraging others. I'll be the only person in the old-pimples-home without a tattoo won't I?? :D I tried having my ears pierced at Claires last year but it was horrible. It took half an hour and much sweating to get the sleepers out, and I had done all the cleaning and turning. I'm just not good with that stuff. It skeers me!! ;) YOU GO FOR IT though.

Until last year, when I aged horribly, I mostly had very red dyed hair. Now I kind of seem to be letting myself go.

Well, that's my life-story over, is there room for anybody else to comment? Glad you're mostly better xx

Anonymous said...

Here i am!!!! Knitty SP here!! Sorry I am late!!! I have been a bit sick and unable to get to email but enough about me! I am so excited to have you as my pal and cant wait to start shopping for you!


Get the tat, you can never have too many tats.

glittrgirl said...

Get the tat - you can never have too many tats.....