Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Can you Adam and Eve it?

My first cold of the winter! I've been taking my zinc tablets, eating loads of raw fruit and veg and exercising (love my new treadmil) and I get a (sensitive peeps - cover your eyes) fucking, snotgobbling, spunkbubbling, arsewiping cold! And to top it off - it's not a sniffle it's a MFer of a cold and I feel like a bag of shit! (OK naughty word bit over now.)

I am drinking copious amounts of ginger tea. I am resting today. But the timing - I started the prep work for uni last night and I felt good about getting ahead - HA!

So, now I am a very, very, very, very bad tempered, grumpy little P. Cross me if you dare cos feeling like this - I will rip off your head and spit down your neck. Grrrrrrrr.

On the knitting front (how's that for a change of pace?) I am making a lovely cloud scarf in KSH in a raspberry colour. I have two odd socks from wonderful (machine wash) sock yarn sent to me by Skip in sp5. I have one plain knit sock in reds and one Little Shell Sock in mauves - I'm not gonna post pictures until I have knitted their mates though. I picked up Cozy the other day - knitted 2 rows, realised I'd lost a stitch somewhere so put it back down - I'm fed up with it at the mo. My Clapotis in on it's 8th centre repeat so it's growing slowly and my aran silk slipover is sulking cos I've ignored it for a fortnight. I treated myself to some Debbie Bliss Maya as it's discontinued in a lovely orange/pink colourway - just 3 skeins - but I think they will make something yummy (a felted bag possibley.)

Been having fun doing Dr Funsters Thinkaminutes with J - he's getting good at them. We looked today at averages which he seemed to enjoy and he has also been using his Muzzy vocab builder on all the different languages - today it's Italian.

Am not reading much at the mo - still textbooks - but I have a book craving and am going into town tomorrow (if well enough) so I might get a new read.

Finally, a friend of M's had their baby yesterday - so welcome to the world little Jessica can't wait (once this minging cold has gone) to give you a cuddle. Am now off to raid the stash for any baby wool and a bootie pattern.

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HazelNutcluster said...

So, is it 'DitandDatter' today instead of Knitandknatter? Ooh, I'm asking for a pasting aren't I? ;)

Knitting sounds like it's a comfort at least. I wanna Cozy! But I already have secret wool that is pushed under the settee so had better not buy any more right now.

Feel better and lucky you for getting a baby fix when your nose stops running :)

Why yes, I am online a lot still aren't I? ;) I love the blog title I saw the other day 'Neglectingmychildren' or somesuch. Nah, she's fine really, we've done tons today, honest :D