Friday, January 13, 2006

Hi, Honey, I'm home..............

back from our wonderful break away. So relaxed, so calm, so chilled and very happy. The picture was the view from our bedroom window. I walked for miles, eat delicious food (I did pig out a little but hell I was on holiday and the food was lovely) and spent a lot of time either in the hydro bath or in the saunas. We also spent a lot of time in front of the log fire watching the wildlife, reading and in my case knitting - pure bliss.

Missed J but Ma said he had a ball. They seemed to do a lot together including a trip to the Lego shop to spend some hoarded Xmas money.

Glad to be home as my bed is my bed and I sleep best there.

Stopped off on the way home at our favourite tarantula shop (piccies to follow) of Dolly the Paraguay Pink Stripe tarantula.

Off now to reorganise my knitting, drink some coffee and chill out until Monday.

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