Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Why do some people strive so hard for perfection? Why does their life, home, partner, kids, world have to be perceived to be perfect? Why is it so hard to find happiness in the less than perfect?

I am always amazed by people who try and change the person they are with - you chose that person for who they were surely, not just so you could mould them into your on view of the ideal. There truly is a lot to be said for accepting things and people for who and what they are.

I not saying change is bad - some change is good and change is quite often necessary. What concerns me is when change is made, perfection for to strived to fill a hole in someones world - the mentality of 'if I acheive, change, get this - then everything will be better and it will cure this need' - thing is, it does quite often but only for a  little while and the little whiles get shorter and  shorter and eventually nothing will fill this void and the world for that person starts to crumble away and collapse.

It makes me sad.

I don't want for anything really. I don't need anything more than I have right at this moment - there are things I would like, I covet, but they aint going to change my life or my world in the long term.

I wish there was a way to show people who get caught up in this that they are doing nothing to solve their problems, just going in ever decreasing circles until eventually they disappear up their own arses. There is no 100% solve-all-quick-solution. What is needed is to learn to look at what you have, look at what you need to change about how you see things and learn to live with who you are and what you have? Easy to say, harder to do.

I am  thankful for all I have. Everyday I try and think of 5 things that have been good or have made me happy, some day I am shit at it, other days I could fill pages - but I do learn from taking stock of my own little world.

p.s. Right now I wish the fookin spell checker on blogger was working as I can't spell for toffee!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mrs Grunty's report is brought to by the word.......


Me and the Bogey got mail from Wynters who does live not in Brighton but somewheres else with a big bully (breed not nature) called Gryff who I am informed has a large snorgly hooter - but I digress. Well, anyways their MF had to send stuff to our MF and Wynters and Gryff snuck in pen-pal letter and some Sossidges!

We's never had no sossidge before -the picture is of me tasting it thru the wrapper -  it smelt of NOM even when wrapped. We had it chopped up on our dins and we both loved it - so much that we have demanded a regular supplied be kept in our cupboard for regular chow downs.

The only downside is the official food taster of the Royal Household - aka Conkers McBonkers of the Order of the 'Kitty Buttons' had to taste the lovely sossidge first to make sure it was palatable and now he wants regular sossidge noms too! I hate having to share - Bogey is bad enough but a cat ....pffft!

Signing off now as is time for after dinner plays in which I harass the Bogster until he chases me and I have a pigbat attack and then we has nibbly-bibblies!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Quick photo blog of the week...

 lovely new pot from M for all my yarn and  thread scraps as I am working.
Sleepy babies on a rainy morning.
 Not getting up, no way, no how.
 Frankensocks for the hairy leg beard man.
Blast from my crafting past. I used to have a little craft business (before J was born) making rag dolls. These are the only two I have left (I think) I couldn't bear to part with them - Agnes and Albert.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Battle of the tennis ball.

Sunday evening update from the paw of Mrs Grunty.

Fergus stolid my tennis ball. I will poonish him for it by ripping it away from him and he's in 'MY' beanbag - upstart haggis. I will chew bits off his yello flopper and that'll learn him and he is banished from all future blue fing parades too - so there!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Delayed by expawstion.

 Tis I Mrs Grunty and I am only just recovering from being the hostess with the mostest all weekend. My Monkey Fings invited other Monkey Fings who are owned by Eddie Wagtail and Higgins the Hairy Faced Herbert (who is missing from the photo below but is very pawsome if a little loud) so I hads to shows them the ropes and be Mrs Impawtant Grunty all weekend long. Tis tiring all this woofing, herding tennis balls, walkies and terriering about. I being the only girlie had to give them boys a run for their paws.
The upside......extra treats! We did do sharesomes.

Monday, August 08, 2011

In a field nearby......

 Actually it is more like a bit of scrub next to a track but it has been transformed to a sea of colour that would make Van Gogh green with envy.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Move over Mrs Grunty.....it's me now!

I likes frogs, toads, pigeons and crickets.....what do you like?

Frankensocks the sequel - afterthought heel.

 Son of Frankensock is almost complete.
Just the afterthought heel to go. All the stitches are picked up.
 Removing the waste yarn.
Gaping heel maw ready to be knitted.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Spare Brain.

 A wonderful barmy, bonkers, barking friend sent me a gift. Knowing very well that I keep misplacing my brain and my brain can no longer cope with Tuesdays she sent me a spare.
What a thoughtful idea. Now when I have a brain phart I can just give my poor tired over used remaining brain cell a rest and slot in this new one. Winner!